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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Screaming Soup A TRUE GEM!

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal  Brother Jack Angry here, this time around I wanted to throw the spotlight on a fellow horror host of a somewhat different breed the animated horror hosts. Now we all know that there are many types of horror hosts, mad scientists, witches, zombies, legacy killing hacks etc but only 1 animated horror host ...well there was that gay sounding bat urguay on that public access channel from Connecticut buuttt anyway i digress the only 1 animated horror host Deadwest from Screaming Soup. Screaming Soup first came to my attention in 2015 when i discovered their YouTube channel
which you can visit HERE  

All Images are courtesy of Screaming Soup & Happyeverydayco

Deadwest & Road Rash                                                                                                                                                       

Deadwest & Aleena                                                                                         
The show centers around Deadwest (DW to his friends) and undead outlaw from the old west who was betrayed by his comrades during a heist and left to rot in a ditch; DW is resurrected by a group of cattle probing aliens upon his return he decides to follow his true passion to be come a horror and monster icon. Joining him in his weekly adventures is Billy his adorable goat sidekick who in reality is hell beast of the apocalypse on the run from the 4 horseman, Mandy DW's curvy specter girlfriend, and his drunken gill man friends catfish and zombie mutant rocker deadbeat  along with sexy alien waitress Aleena.
All played off against DW's pervy ass-clown nemesis Buzzkill ....hmmm i have the same problem to deal with I wonder if every horror host has a creepy assclown arching them BTW SUCK IT SANGUINARY!!!!

                               Deadwest , Catfish & Frankenhooker                                                                     

                Aleena and Catfish & Dollman?                                                                   
There are many more sidekicks and secondary characters such as Patty Mullen of Frankenhooker fame and Troma Vs Full Moon Empire (I binged watched that for a whole Friday Afternoon..good stuff guys) but truly the heart of the show is Deadwest his delivery of the sweets on these sometimes turds of films is pure comedic and artistic gold. DW's knowledge of the films is spot on along with the interaction between him Mandy, Billy, Catfish and the rest of the crew is really awesome to behold. The concept of what Screaming Soup is fresh and out there enough to have actually created a new type of horror host the animated horror host, in the words of Max Von Sydow in the role of King Osric from the ORIGINAL Conan The Barbarian.. "What Impudence What Arrogance I salute you!"
So we at the monastery of mayhem salute The Crew of Screaming Soup Keep up the awsome work guys.

Deadwest & The Toxic Avenger                                                                        

To visit Screaming Soup's website click HERE
To visit their Facebook page click HERE

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