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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Friday, April 12, 2019

Out Newest Showghouls Ivy Moon & Domme Dee

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Brother Jack has added another feather in his cap, well if keeps going at this rate it will look like a Cherokee war bonnet..lol. It gives me great pleasure to introduce our newest Show-ghouls Ivy and Domme Dee. Both girls are local to the Omaha area and already have sizable followings on twitter and other areas of the net. We have filmed 3 episodes with these lovely creatures. You can expect many more. The Angry Brothers Tradition of bringing you the hottest girls & the worst movies Continues..Oh and BTW SUCK IT YOU HACK! I will post links to the episodes and the girls twitter acccount names so you can follow them if you are in omaha say hi and show them some love

here are some pics of the lovely ivy moon her twitter link is @Ivy_Moon220

And here is the delicious Domme Dee her twitter link is bama_mo68

Also we offer our fans the opportunity to purchase our Angry Brothers Big Skull these are official merchandise of the angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama these 20 oz heavy Bar Quality Glass mugs will allow you to quaff your favorite beverage adult or otherwise in style..If you would like to order on you can go HERE

Watch the Commercial Below


Here Is one of the eps with Ivy and Dee for the rest visit our Channel 

So Until Next time Lets Keep America on top watch horror hosts ya'all and friends dont let friends wear Labcoats...SUCK IT SANGUINARY!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Queen Malovias The Queen of Screams Haloween special

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Its that time of year again its the Halloween season you old pal Brother Jack is letting you know that The Dark Dangerous, Delicious Diva of Damnation is bringing you her latest Halloween special. We previewed this and WE FUCKING LOVE IT!!! Malvolia played by Actress Jennifer Nangle brings a very dark quality to Queen Malvolia making her a well worthwhile addition to the ranks of Horror Hosts both past n present Yours Truly Included. You can view the special below, also be sure to let your friends and family know.

Here Are Pics of the Lovely Queen Malvolia from the special.

Here is the Special on youtube so be sure to check it out.. Tell em the Angry Brothers Sent Ya

Monday, October 15, 2018

Our Review of Lady Belladonnas tales from the inferno

Greetings Faithful followers,

I know it has been a while since you have heard from your old pal Brother Jack, Have had several rough spots in the road with a couple of job changes and personal issues but I think we are back on track. Some great things have been happeing to the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama crew I will have more on that in a bi, But on to first things first, if you have followed our blog we interviewed the lovely, luscious, darkly delicious Tawnya Bass aka Lady Belladonna in connection with her anthology film Lady Belladonna's Night Shades. Well today we bring you our faithful followers a review of the next in the serious Lady Belladonna's Tales from the Inferno.

The film is produced by David Salcido and stars Tanya bass reprising her role as Lady Belladonna. Tanya Bass plays the luscious soul broker Lady Belladonna the top procurer of souls in all the underworld. Along with Her Assistant Addy (Donny Prosise) going about thier day to day lives of wheeling and dealing to obtain souls for their demonic masters, all of that comes to a screeching halt when they encounter film maker Ed Wood (angora sweater n all ) played by Rafael Medina; wanting our dark lady to be an executive producer of his latest film and much hilarity ensues.

The film launches into the first of its 5 vingettes dealing with everything from a family exterminating vampire to a bugled attempt at cursing someone to a classic Night of the Living Dead trapped in a house story to a re imaging of Dantes Infero in a more contemporary context. This Movie Has something for everyone. We wont go into specifics on the individual stories at the request of David Salcido that no spoilers be disseminated, Your gonna wanna see this movie belevie me faithful followers. The subplots hilariously deal with Lady B and Addy trying to fight off ed woods bizarre attempts to woo lady b into being at first a starlet then finally an executive producer in his latest bloodfest and ends with ed woods eventual comeuppance, however I wont go into detail on that either but fans of Lady Belladonna will love it.
The vignettes are tight well written and well executed and well done by salcido and the various directors. Lady B portion of the subplot was well done a comic tour de force, Well done Tawnya Bass!

In closing I really cant say enough good things about this film or its predecessor The Team of David Salcido and Tawnya Bass are definitely an undiscovered gem in the indie horror genre and will certainly bear watching as future projects come down the pike this film and cast truly has earned the Angry Bothers Seal of Approval. Failure to watch will result in you cheating yourself out of a first rate indie horror/comedy experience. For More on this film you can visit them at Borderlands media bu clicking HERE

For Our Interview with Tawnya Bass aka Lady Belladonna you can click on the link below  her picture 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I've officially seen it all our review of Death-Scort Service 2 the Naked Dead

Greetings Faithful Followers,

What can I say, there are times where brother jack can be knocked off his feet by something; it's rare but it can happen..SURPRISE!! this is just such an occasion.. I just reviewed Death-Scort Service 2 The Naked Dead by Gator Blade films, The Sleaze Box and Icon film Studios. This film produced by Chris Woods and Sean Donohue brings a gritty in your face take on the slasher/horror genre that you old pal Brother Jack was not expecting, Now don't get me wrong I knew this was going to be a gore fest going in but even I wasn't prepared for some of the things I saw, so with that in mind lets jump in feet first to all the sleaze and blood that this movie promises.

all images courtesy of gatorblade films 
The Movie opens with Michelle played by Krystal "pixie" Adams sitting in a bathtub talking on the phone to a woman referred to as the "madame" the conversation centers around the gruesome murders of several escorts the year before by a masked slasher. The Conversation ends Michelle is promptly chloroformed and awakes to find her self tied up spread eagle  in a run down shed, there is very little interaction on the part of the killer before he gets down to his twisted bloody business. VAGINAL RAPE TO DEATH WITH A RECIPROCATING SAW!!!  and then finger banging the corpse. Well I didnt see that one coming As ta La vista Michelle.

Katie Mckinley, Lady O & "sushi" xhyvette holder 
The next scene are a 3 protagonists Kate (sushi xhyvette holder) lady o, lace (Katie McKinley)
are discussing the death of Michelle and other working girls in the local area..then they decide to have a lesbian 3 way in the shower (makes sense right)?  Then our 3 plucky heroines hit the streets to "make that money". We then cut away to a local adult bookstore  run by frank the pimp (8 the chosen one..yes that is his name i cant make this stuff up ) a throw back to the 80s complete with nylon/rayon shirt and and ape drape mullet (insert scooby doo flashback sequence here) complaining about how he is not making any money off the girls..In walks Buddy brilliantly played by Bob Glaizer out on the prowl looking for "Easy Pussy" after negotiating with Frank for Peaches (Lucretia Lynn) it moves to the alley behind the store for the deed to be done..Buddy is castrated by peaches with a piece of glass then to add insult to injury peaches steals buddy's pants and runs off, while ransacking buddys trousers Peaches Gets and ice-pick thru the brain (very well done by the sfx dept and i really didn't have any sympathy for peaches anyway ..fuck you bitch!). 

Katie Mckinley 
The Next part is back to lacy and lady o working a corner when a pair of priests in a stretch suv come driving up asking if they want to party with a pair of priests? I found this rather unusual because neither girl was dressed as an altar boy. Things progress as expected as both priests experience a "second coming" as it were then Lacy turns her lusty attentions on to Lady O in what is obviously the films best scene (well done Katie!) after that are a series of murders hooker shot in the head etc the 2 other notable deaths were the hooker who has a gaping hole burned in her by acid poured on her by the killer and the death of lady o by evisceration  what made this particular death unique and disturbing is that lady o was pregnant and the killer proceeds to pull her fetus out along with her intestines  very well done this one will stick with you for awhile.

Katie Mckinley and Lady O 
Im not going to reveal the ending of the film because we know that people who drop spoilers are assholes. I can assure you that is was very well done and you might not see it coming. All in all Death Scort Service 2 the naked dead lived up to its promises the cast was easy on the eyes and played their parts very well the star of this film was Katie McKinley aka Kinky Katie her scenes with kate and lady o really stood out I highly recommend her in all her upcoming projects. In my humble opinion this movie gets 2 thumbs waaaay waaay up.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Screaming Soup A TRUE GEM!

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal  Brother Jack Angry here, this time around I wanted to throw the spotlight on a fellow horror host of a somewhat different breed the animated horror hosts. Now we all know that there are many types of horror hosts, mad scientists, witches, zombies, legacy killing hacks etc but only 1 animated horror host ...well there was that gay sounding bat urguay on that public access channel from Connecticut buuttt anyway i digress the only 1 animated horror host Deadwest from Screaming Soup. Screaming Soup first came to my attention in 2015 when i discovered their YouTube channel
which you can visit HERE  

All Images are courtesy of Screaming Soup & Happyeverydayco

Deadwest & Road Rash                                                                                                                                                       

Deadwest & Aleena                                                                                         
The show centers around Deadwest (DW to his friends) and undead outlaw from the old west who was betrayed by his comrades during a heist and left to rot in a ditch; DW is resurrected by a group of cattle probing aliens upon his return he decides to follow his true passion to be come a horror and monster icon. Joining him in his weekly adventures is Billy his adorable goat sidekick who in reality is hell beast of the apocalypse on the run from the 4 horseman, Mandy DW's curvy specter girlfriend, and his drunken gill man friends catfish and zombie mutant rocker deadbeat  along with sexy alien waitress Aleena.
All played off against DW's pervy ass-clown nemesis Buzzkill ....hmmm i have the same problem to deal with I wonder if every horror host has a creepy assclown arching them BTW SUCK IT SANGUINARY!!!!

                               Deadwest , Catfish & Frankenhooker                                                                     

                Aleena and Catfish & Dollman?                                                                   
There are many more sidekicks and secondary characters such as Patty Mullen of Frankenhooker fame and Troma Vs Full Moon Empire (I binged watched that for a whole Friday Afternoon..good stuff guys) but truly the heart of the show is Deadwest his delivery of the sweets on these sometimes turds of films is pure comedic and artistic gold. DW's knowledge of the films is spot on along with the interaction between him Mandy, Billy, Catfish and the rest of the crew is really awesome to behold. The concept of what Screaming Soup is fresh and out there enough to have actually created a new type of horror host the animated horror host, in the words of Max Von Sydow in the role of King Osric from the ORIGINAL Conan The Barbarian.. "What Impudence What Arrogance I salute you!"
So we at the monastery of mayhem salute The Crew of Screaming Soup Keep up the awsome work guys.

Deadwest & The Toxic Avenger                                                                        

To visit Screaming Soup's website click HERE
To visit their Facebook page click HERE

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Were Meeting Brinke Stevens and Our New Roku Channel!

Greetings Faithful followers

It is with great pride that I announce our Roku Channel is complete this will be a FREE channel for our fans.. featuring our best works curated on a rotating basis. To add the channel is very simple if you know how to add a private channel you log into your Roku account under the the my account tab in the purple box next to support you click on the add a channel with a code link under MANAGE ACCOUNT in the text box you put the code ANGRYBROS then click OK the channel will be downloaded to you Roku box in 24 hrs or you can go to the settings tab on your Roku box and click system then update it will update and add the channel immediately. 

It Is also with much pride That I announce that the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama had been asked by The Black Angel Hearse Club of Council Bluffs Ia, to be the judges for their 4th annual Hearse and Procar show at Westfair Amphitheater  in Council Bluffs Iowa; May 4th thru the 6th .
We will also be judging the Ms Black Angel hearse Queen and Princess contest ...  for More information on this event you can check out their facebook page


We have our first preregistered pinup girl, Ms. Ashley Mott aka Dana Kaplan. Ms Mott is also a disabled Veteran. She spends her time as a mom to 3 boys. Her hobbies include volunteering as a baby-wearing educator and fantasizing about her dream ride a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air. Her favorite past time is snuggling up with a fuzzy blanket and watching Pet Cemetery. She is known for her great taste in music (My Chemical Romance) and her freakish mad skills at the art of the claw machine.

 Also a special guest of the event will be the legendary scream queen Brinke Stevens "The Original Vampirella" Star of such horror greats as Sorority Babes at the Slime Ball Bowl O Rama, Bad Girls from Mars, and Terror Toons 2, we will be interviewing her for our Show in addition to covering the event. 

 Please Take a moment to visit Brinke's Website by Clicking HERE

So in a nutshell Faithful Followers there ya have it, I wanna give a great Shout out to The Organizers of the event  Christine McCollum,  
The Black Angel Hearse Club of council bluffs, Brinke Stevens, My awesome cast n crew.  Last but never Least the fans and friends of our show. I hope that Brother James and myself can keep bringing you this show of ours that we all love so well. So until next time Lets Keep America on top watch Horror Hosts and friends don't let friends wear Lab Coats! Suck It You Hack!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Angry Brothers Bid a very sad good bye to Mistress Rhonda of BizzareTV

Greetings Faithful Followers,

This is one of the hardest entries for the blog that I have ever had to write I found out on tuesday that Rhonda Baffes aka Mistress Rhonda owner and operator of the BizarreTV channel on roku had lost her battle with cancer and passed away on Friday the 12th. I am still reeling from the news, this is the first day that i can even attempt to do this blog post without breaking down. I have read so many wonderful tributes to Mistress Rhonda and as a horror host and a supporter of the channel from  almost the outset I wanted the Angry Brothers voices to be among the praises and tributes to a true friend to horror hosts everywhere weather they knew it or not. So for a moment let me slip out of character and relate this as my alter ego Les Raub.

I concieved the Angry Brothers in Aug/Sept of 2011 experimenting with various concepts for the characters (sorcerers, serial killers, demon hunters etc) after spit-balling these with my co creator and partner and my twin brother Lane we arrived at the final incarnation of the Angry Brothers as 2 undead monks in a dilapidated monastery hidden in Omaha Nebraska. Our Debut on Nebraska public access tv was Oct 29, 2011 the episode starred myself and Ash (Samantha Gunia). The episode was received very well and we received a lot of positive response. Our decision  to go to public access was as an homage to a local tv horror host and to combat the impersonator that we felt was doing a great disservice to the legacy and character, that is a story for another day.

Mistress Rhonda of BizarreTV

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 I had purchased a roku streaming box as a way of fighting the high cost of cable tv and to provide entertainment choices for the family; I stumbled on a list of private channels for the roku including bizarretv after joining and watching some of the programming i reached out to mistress Rhonda about getting some of our full length episodes on the channel. It was a match made in heaven. Rhonda was always kind and accommodating with allowing me to send in hard copies of the episodes rather than dropboxing them because it never worked for me anyway.
Even tho Mistress Rhonda and myself did not have many voice conversations I always felt close to her from her FaceBook posts when she was having troubles either with her health or problems with the channel and would promote BTV whenever possible. I espcially loved the group movie showings on facebook when we did the group chats it was always fun to make a weird or off color comment to see if we fluster Mistress Rhonda (Right Chris M ??)  .

R.I.P. Rhonda Baffes
Rhonda was truly a kindred spirit to anyone who called themselves a horror host , she did so much to keep the genre relevant in much the same way count gore did for the internet . Providing myself, Uncle Edward, Oliver's twisted late nite bargain basement stoner friendly freak show,  and many other hosts to be seen by a larger audience. I listened to Angels Asylum when they interviewed Rhonda and I was amazed about how soft spoken she was but also how passionate she was about horror hosting and helping hosts get their shows to a broader audience. I have helped many horror hosts get their shows going either thru promotion or providing technical advice on dealing with public access program directors I did that as a way of paying back rhonda for the help and support she gave me when i contacted her. Rhonda was the horror hosts slightly twisted guardian an ge,

Forward to today the news she has left this world even though I am 1000% sure she is in a far better place hanging out with Lon, Vincent, Bela and the other giants of horror hearing some kick ass stories and having the time of her afterlife, the rest of us will have to carry on and keep the faith even if BTV goes away as a tribute to our Mistress Rhonda.
It is getting very hard to type this because of the tears and i dont want do too many typos thank god for spell check let me leave my fellow horror hosts with this.. if you have the opportunity to help a fledgling horror host with support, advice, or any wisdom you can provide back them to the hilt do it as a tribute to the friend we just lost.

So Rhonda wherever you are rest easy we got your back!

Brother Jack Angry aka Les Raub