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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, April 17, 2017

Meet Our Vampy New Vixen Demona

 Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack is proud to introduce you to our newest Dungeon Dweller Demona. I dont want to give away too much about her past but let me assure you she is as mysterious as any of our other legion on dark and demons here in the Monastery of Mayhem.


Also Yours Truly Brother Jack Angry Brother James along with Ash, Inferna, Lady Torrid and Syn have been featured in the stories of  up and coming author Ash Nom DePlume in LEAKED. THE GREY JOURNALS

The Story Features Super spy and Possible Alien Abductee James Ian Salvador Dragonavitch Grey (aka Jimmy) a man with augmented healing abilities and a much Longer life span than most, on the run and searching for his past and his destiny, makes the acquaintance of 2 unlikely traveling companions a pair of undead monks that have been kicking around since the time of the revolutionary war. Being sent by the mysterious "uncle john" they befriend our hero are charged with the task of transporting him across country and keeping out of the hands of Jimmy's mysterious enemies..Leading to many strange and exotic places such as Horror Cons in Pennsylvania , The Amish Country and yes even Disneyland. Check out the book on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited if your a amazon prime and kindle unlimited you can read it for free by going here

Finally if your a fan of the Angry Brothers and you want some good naught fun you are going to want to check this message our from our newest vixen Demona

So until next time Remember Lets Keep America On Top Watch Horror Hosts and Friends dont let Friends wear lab coats or watch red haired hacks .... Suck It Dr Shitguinary

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Podcast with Claudia christian 2 years later The Fight Continues!

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack is just over the moon about the Happenings here at the Monastery of Mayhem over the Last 7 Days, Lets get started on all the great dish. First off  We want to welcome the C Three Foundation and Claudia Christian to the Angry Brothers Shock O Rama family. They have graciously allowed us to feature The Documentary about the Sinclair Method Called  One Little Pill, which Claudia narrates  to be featured on our Public Access Tv Program on KPAO Cox channel 22 in Omaha Nebraska in addition to allowing us to run the full and unabridged documentary on our affiliate channels Ultra Toxic Tv, The Static Wasteland & BizzareTv channels on the Roku streaming box. This full length will be uploaded to pegmedia.org for distribution to the public access tv program directors that frequent that site  Also our good friend author Ash Nom DePlume has given a protion of the rights to his book Hospice Confessions to Claudias C Three Foundation to raise awareness to The Sinclair Method of AUD (Alchol Use Disorder).

If you would like to hear the podcast that started it all you can visit our archived site on soundcloud and listen or down load it from here

Or If you want to hear the most current roundtable  podcast with Claudia Christian  you can listen or down load by going here to our blogtalkradio.com site

If you Want to read the works of the author Ash Nom DePlume you can visit his Smash Words site and down load his Shades of Gray Books Featuring yours truly and Brother James Inferna, Ash, Lady Torrid and the rest of the gang by going here

This is a very close cause to myself and Brother James because like many of the 3 million plus people that die in the US alone From AUD and complications that arise from this disease, we lost a family member to alcohol. Had this Treatment been available at that time thier outcome might have been different. We do try to deal with most subjects in a humorous and light manner but please believe me faithful followers this issue is as serious as a heart attack.

So in closing Faithful Followers Let me leave you not with our normal closing but let me leave you with the motto for Claudias C three Foundation...



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Stunning Discovery Queen Malovia

Greetings Faithful followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack Angry along with the rest of the crew at the monastery of mayhem are always keeping their collective eyes and ears open we have made several wonderful discoveries as of late such as the delightful Kinky Katie Radio podcast and indie horror film producers such as Jerry Williams of goatboy productions. Queen malovia joins the ranks of such female horror hostesses as Crematia mortem, Penny Dreadful XIII , Marlena Midnight , Roksy Tyler, Macabra, and Janet Decay. and such well known co hostesses  as our own Ash, Inferna and Lady Torrid and our newest cast member Mistress Tiger.

Queen malovia also had produced 3 short films which we will be featuring on our show The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama you can look for that episode shortly as it is in filming as we speak

Queen Malovia is played to perfection by imdb noted actress Jennifer Nangle to look at her IMDB page with all her acting credits click here.

Jennifer will also be doing an interview on the Angry Brothers Podcast on BLOGTALK RADIO Live from the monastery of mayhem which you can find by going here 
Our episodes will feature 3 short films from Queen Malovia as Jennifer Nangle
Dare You , The Traveler  & Spirit Board. I have previewed the films they are all quite excellent we are waiting for more films from Jennifer with great anticipation.  Queen Malvolia also has her channel on YouTube called Queen of Screams which you can visit by clicking here

So there you have it faithful followers we were promised the elevator in 2017 but it appears we are gonna get the shaft instead, however as brother jack always prefers to look for the light at the end of the tunnel we did discover another diamond in the crap (Kinky Katie being the first ) in the form of Queen Malovia. 
The Lovely Queen Malovia in all her glory !
Note the dark dangerous eyes

warning dangerous curves ahead

of course we all love the halloween pumpkins!

definately a horror hostess to keep our eyes on 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Out of the Crap...A New Years Treasure !

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Happy New Years from your old pal Brother Jack Angry, Brother James, Inferna, Lady Torrid and Our Newest dungeon dweller here at he Monastery of Mayhem Mistress Tiger. Lets Face it people 2016 Was a Bitch and her stripper name was dead stars! The Loss of so many celebrities; luminaries like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and even our Beloved Princes Leia Carrie Fisher and Her mom Debbie Reynolds, I don't know about you faithful followers Brother Jack was about ready to start making a batch of Jim Jones Guyana Kool Aid if you get my meaning. and to top it off President elect TRUMP?? in what kind of sane universe does this happen? Fortunately out of the crapfest that was 2016 Brother Jack managed to stumble upon a diamond while sifting thru the sewage. That Diamond is Kinky Katie Radio.

What is Kinky Katie Radio you might ask? Kinky Katie radio is an online radio program where the hostess Kinky Katie a Lifestyle fetishist, talk radio show host, fetish performer, and adult film actress/producer and her co host her favorite flesh coated play toy Stunt Cock bringing you straight forward, hard hitting, crass, hilarious and always entertaining talk on sexuality, current issues and whatever else happens to be rattling around in her head at the time often with linen soiling results ( dont listen to this podcast in a quiet library it will get you kicked out take my word for that).  Katie and SC cover any and all topics with a honesty and openness that I personally find refreshing especially in this age of maniacal political correctness, Katie keeps her listeners engaged..(no that is not right i guess riveted might be a better adjective) to her every word. The Interplay with SC and Katie is always fresh and moves the show along, the shows are generally an hour in length you will never be aware of the fact that you are so entertained. Kinky Katie Broadcasts her show on her own sight which you can visit by going to www.kinkykatieradio.com 

Katie and SC at New Years

Kinky Katie at the Mic

 Katie also broadcasts 2 other show from that site which is part of ras radio live website which is a network of talk radio show covering a multitude of subjects I found several interesting shows that will provide many hours of enjoyable listening. Katie also co hosts the show One Night stand with Amber Ballesteros (see pic below ) Katie also does a show called kinky katies world squirlled up that is where they take bits of previous broadcasts and play them at a faster speed or squirelling up the results are side bustingly hilarious.  

So Take it from your old pal Brother Jack Angry This is definitely a show you all would enjoy, unless you a religious fundamentalist then your probably going to have a lousy afternoon. Katie, SC and Amber have a great chemistry the show is always fresh, fierce and alway a pervy crowd pleaser. Keep up the great work guys.  

all picts courtesy of kinkykatieradio.com

Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome to our newest correspondent Rachael Rumancek, the 2016 Omaha slut walk and other doings

Greetings Faithful Followers,

     Another summer prepares to come to a close here at the monastery of mayhem deep in the bowels of o Omaha Nebraska , bringing with it colder temperatures, the smell of firewood in the air, frosty mornings, pumpkin flavored everything and oh yeah! HALLOWEEN ! Lets add to that list with another omaha end of summer tradition The Omaha Slutwalk . 
Great Job On The Banner 

Some of the great signs and the empowering messages they carry

What is a slutwalk you might ask.. it is a tradition started in Toronto, Ontario, on April 3, 2011 it was expected that only 200 people would show but over 3000 came, this started a trend that has been repeated in cities all across the US, Canada and europe in response to the Toronto,s  callus treatment of a rape victim stating if she didnt want to be raped she should not have dressed like a slut  . This evente organized by Billie and Kristy is a way of empowering women and providing support and raising awareness of victim shaming and slut shaming in the cases of sexual assualt. 

the lovely Kristy manning the registration table

more of the supporters of the march and their tables
The River City Gender Alliance table

The participants of the event usually dress provocatively and this year red lipstick was worn by marchers as a show of support.  The event ends with a march through the Old Market District in downtown Omaha with much chanting and displaying of signs and placquards.
The march brings out all kinds of people who's aim is to raise social awareness for the injustice of victim shaming. 

The Lovely Scarletlava

our Lovely Sally one of our Devil Girls SHHH shes in disguise!

The slut walk was an overwhelming success. We putting together the footage will be up shortly. I want to give a nig shout out to our correspondents scarletlava and Sally Richardson also to our cameraman Spencer Jesz i couldnt have done it without you guys on behalf of myself and brother james thank you all


Yours Truly and Sally at the March

Superman and Satan a interesting combination Love the pentagram top !

one of the great muscians at the event wish i had remembered to ask who! 

You Can visit the Slut Walks Facebook Page by going here

We also want to take a few to welcome our newest correspondent nationally know blogger, writer, horror enthusiast and all around weird, hot, chic Rachael Rumancek she will be covering horror related events for the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama so be sure and visit her on twitter her handle is @RachaelRumancek

Aint She HOT!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Legend Passes, The Angry Brothers Tribute to Bill "Chilly Billy" Cardille

Greetings Faithful Followers,

It is with a very heavy heart and not a small amount of tears in my eyes that I bring you this installment of the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama Blog. On Thursday July 21 2016 William Cardille aka "Chilly Billy" passed away from liver cancer which he was diagnosed with shortly after his retirement in 2015. His daughter Lorie Cardille who you all would know from her starring role in the 1985 George A Romero film Day of the Dead. She Posted on social media of Chilly Billy's cancer diagnoses and rallied his fans, friends, family and the legion of horror hosts both active and inactive to spread word of his situation and to encourage their fans and friends to send cards letters photos whatever to show their support of Chilly at this obviously trying time . Bill Was swamped with bags of mail from supporters and well wishers. Chilly was supposed to attend a con in the local area on a past weekend but his condition prevented that from happening. Bill was hospitalized but able to ride out the illness. Then on Tuesday the 19th it was announced that bill would be coming home to be among his family. on this past Thursday Lori posted the news on social media that Chilly Billy had passed away. Having lost people that we are close to or admire you have that period of mental numbness comes you might feel your moving thru a fog, although I had never met Chilly Billy in person I was aware of him and his career thru my interactions with other horror hosts and research when becoming Brother Jack. To Say that Bill Cardille was beloved by his legions of fans in the Pittsburgh Pa would be a monumental understatement.

Chilly Billy, Lori Cardille and George A Romero courtesy or triblive.com

Rather Than list all of Chilly Billys accomplishments and they were legion I am reminded of a line from the Tom Cruise film The Last Samurai where Katsumoto (ken watanabe) says to Nathan Algren "You could spend your whole life looking for the perfect cherry blossom and it would be a wasted life". I look at everything Chilly Billy did over the course of his life as cherry blossoms being a father, husband, horror host, broadcaster etc and to be beloved by his fans then truly all of the cherry blossoms of his life were perfect and his life was by no strech of the imagination wasted. On a more whimsical note it brings a smile to my face to think that Chilly Billy Right now is sitting at a table at the big horror convention in the sky signing autographs for people like Vincent Price, Leonard Nimoy, Peter Cushing, Christoper Lee and Vampira. Rather Than our Traditonal ending. I will Just end this update with Godspeed Chilly Billy you will be missed .

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Rondo Awards...My Underwhelming Response and A Big Shout Out to Indie horror filmakers

Greetings faithful followers,

Well its spring again people and we all know what that means beside miniskirt and sundress  and tanktop season it means it is time for the RONDO AWARDS!. Yes my decrepit disciples the rondos that seasonal exercise in frustration that horror hosts love to  induldge in. Dont get me wrong I love what the Rondo Hatton awards do every year to bring the horror and haunt industry to the public consciousness and to fans and monster kids everywhere! so lets get out there and vote


On to other business Faithful followers We want to take a moment to give a big shout out to all the independent horror film producers and creators who have been  kind enough to allow The Angry Brothers to feature their films on our show. especially Cutting Board Films and the Kentucky Wildman himself Jerry Williams. With More companies Like Shout Factory trying to grab up every public domain film they can get their greasy little mitts on Indie Film producers may be the dying embers to save this genre and keep horror hosts coming to the masses another Gem of indie horror was done by a good friend of the show Gordy Price and his  demon guitar opus Music Store Massacre A film that is  Definately Angry Brothers Approved .


 And Here is Saucer Sex Bomb From Jerry Williams ...enjoy...

Also Lets not forget our friends at Cutting Board Films 

So there ya have it the rites of spring in the horror host world. Again these great films and the filmmakers who bring them to the horror host who bring them to you. Subscribe to these guys pages and Like thier films. Because I am getting fucking sick and tired of running The Bat over and over again. So Lets Keep America on Top Watch Horror Hosts Y'all.