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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Our First Indie Horror Filmaker Showcase Michael Gale Butt

Greetings Faithful Followers,

I have worked with many indie horror film makers over the years, some good some not so good but what all these filmmakers have in common is they each have a vision and a passion about how a horror film should be made.The Subject of out first indie horror producer showcase Michel Gale Butt is no exception. This Wisconsin based filmmaker has brought us titles such as Vampire ticks form outer space, The Man with the golden hand, This Book is cursed, These Woods are cursed and other memorable titles.

Michael when asked about got him into the indie horror game he states that as a young man growing up in Wisconsin his love of acting and Classic Monster movies, this love followed him through college and using the knowledge acquired in college he set out on the indie horror path. His first subjects of early films was yetis but Then made his first notable film Vampire Ticks from outer space, to be followed by The Man with the Golden Hand and This Woods is Cursed.

Michael Butt with Crystalynn Oldenburg his costar in Vampire Ticks
 Michael owes much of his earlier inspirations to Ben Blegen whom he met in college who did a film called Dawn In Beautiful Loathing, Michael starred in that film. Later he asked Blegen if he could do a comedy version of that film called My Neighbor is dating a serial killer Blegen Agreed Michael Butt got the producing bug from that point . Michael's horror inspirations came from the movie Planet Terror. Butt sites the work of Robert Rodregez seeing his work in Planet Terror and describing it as "masterpiece" and wanting to make similar movies so very badly but also went on to collect older works of John Carpenter and Sam Raimi.
When asked what inspired him about Planet Terror and the Grind-house era of the 70's and early 80,s Butt said it was the excitement and the practical effects elaborating the lack of cgi effects and the reliance on old school sfx for the excitement and visceral thrills this genre of movies produce.

Michael Butt and Celeste Parker of Dedgars Coffin Classics
When asked about his costars of the various films he states that one actress in particular has been with him trough all of  his film That is Crystalynn Oldenburg, either as a costar or in a cameo role.
As  a filmmaker myself it is good to have a core of goto actors and actresses you can depend on to provide talent for your projects.

Michael Norman Gale Butt

To end this i asked Michael about where he saw his work heading in the future he has this to say..
"Someday I'll find time to market them properly, or find someone who believes in them enough to invest in promoting them. Then  once I am completely funded by my films I'll be able to devote 100percent of myself to them. Then I can start competing with the big name companies... But I'm going to keep my feel my practicality and my love of storytelling over profit."
Again this comes down to passion and seeing the passion of Butt and other filmmakers the Horror genre is in good hands I think. Here is a Link to Vampire Ticks From Outer Space which you can view by going HERE

So in closing please be sure to support indie filmmakers particulary Indie horror filmmakers you never know what kind of a hidden gem you will finds.. So Good night lets keep america on top watch horror hosts y'all ...Unpleasant Dreams..

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Another Con is in the Bag Our Review of Anime Nebraskon 2017

Greetings Faithful Followers,

With the Halloween season ending and the Christmas season barreling at us like a runaway freight train, your humble long suffering narrator me Brother Jack and My perpetually pickled muscle-head sibling ,,,,yes Brother James have been hanging out in that holiday no mans land called you guessed it the thanksgiving season. In Omaha it is an widely accepted tradition that immediately on the heels of Halloween and before Thanksgiving we have the Miracle that is Anime Nebraskon 2017, and I will explain the "miracle" remark in the paragraphs to come.

First of all many of you know that i have covered the anime nebraskon conventions since the fall of 2012 so about 5 years roughly, myself,  Inferna, Lady Torrid and this year  Brother James have visited the cons, the vendors walked about meeting and interviewing cosplayers to bring you our friends, fans and faithful followers the scoop on these events. What i notice primarily notice the events get more elaborate every year, the organizers bringer bigger, better and more well known celebs the vendors become more numerous and the costumes and outfits  worn by the various cosplayers get more elaborate as the photos below show.

her badge read "Rare Jewel" Boy was she right if anyone knows the lady please contact us at angrybros@gmail.com

Brittany Rose Ghor as Bloodrayne looking fantastic

 As you can see by the pictures the cosplayer yes that is me above..(handsome devil aren,t I ? ) the costumes were well thought out and well executed . We saw many diffrent anime, scifi, horror, and nerd universes represented at Anime Nebraskon 2017 so in that regard great job everyone.

Mad Moxxi and Harley Quinn there were a ton of them there great job ladies...

BloodRayne again she can bite me anytime

Brother James Looking Natty in his new uniform...

Becki Bullets one of our Show Gouls check out zombie walk 2016 blog post great job Becki

Another great experience with the con was dealing with the cons Media Director Emily Knaub she was our inital contact this year for receiving our press passes and was prompt in getting them to us when we arrived. Great Job Emily. There really was no downside with the exception of parking I had to park almost a mile away on Saturday and Sunday and I picked up a hell of a case of con crud that hung around till Thursday (google it, it is a real thing...) but that is a problem the con cant solve that would involve a larger venue.. and i dont know of any place in omaha t
hat could support the attendance this con brings in every year. With all that being said a big kudos to the staff and management of Anime Nebraskon 2017 well done and we hope to see everyone next year. Enjoy our episode of The Angry Brothers Omaha shock o Rama ep # 232 Anime Nebraskon 2017 an Angry Brothers View..

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our Review of the Malvolia: The Queen of Screams Halloween Special

Greetings Faithful Followers,

With the Halloween season being upon us and all the great tricks and treats you can and will be getting, it gives myself, brother James, Demona, Inferna and the rest of the crew here at the Monastery of Mayhem great pleasure to give you all a review of the first Halloween special from her darkest majesty herself.. Malvolia The Queen of Screams.

 The special focuses around Malvolia and her demon friend Bloody Sherri (played by actress Sherri Smith) planing to attend a costume party thrown by an "well known" indie horror film director/producer in Hollywood and that directors desire to sign Malvolia to a 3 picture deal to boost his sinking career (Hunter Johnson).

The cast of party goers include many Hollywood stereotypes the vapid actress (Brialynn Massie), an emo/prettyboy in a skeleton costume, a super-fan, and also 2 sycophantic production assistants/cameramen definitely the gang was all here. This well rounded ensemble of potential victims manages to pull off very convincing performance for my taste the real hidden gem in this performance aside from Malvolia and Bloody Sherri is Victor the Demon butler I have always enjoyed his drink recipes in his performances on Malvolias youtube channel . My only critisim is get a bigger hat the diminuitive top hat really doesnt fit the persona other thank that great job to malvolia, victor and the entire cast but for next time how about a disembowelment or 2 ?

I am gonna give Queen Malvolias first Special 2 thumbs way way up If you want to watch it you can see it here

So until next time Keep America on Top Watch Horror Hosts you All

Brother Jack Angry

Sunday, August 6, 2017

If the Shoe Fits .. A Nate Coulombe film

Greetings Faithful Followers,

We are always on the lookout for indie horror films here in the Omaha metro area and i believe we have found a real gem here. The Film is Called If The Shoe fits.Produced by Splitsville Productions.It is written and directed by Nate Coulumbe and produced by Mark Popejoy. Nate also plays the employee who quits the shoemakers employment and in some ways sets the stage for the carnage that follows.  The story revolves around a shoe repair store run by Tony Haynes who after losing his only employee to a better job offer sets about the task of running the store singlehandedly, the cobbler keeps the situation in hand until a slew of bitchy and demanding customers pushes him to commit the unthinkable with bloody and just deserved results for the customers.

The customers played by Mark Popejoy, Melissa Holder, Carter Coulombe, Eric Dwight, Crazy Courtney, Jennifer Johnson and Anthony Blake did excellent jobs as the customers from hell. By the time i was done watching my only regret is that we the viewers did not get to see more of them sent to the hell they so richly deserve. Mark Popejoy as the right wing Trumpanzee biker was a stand out in his quintessential douchebaggery in his berating the store owner I would have been tempted to take the hammer to him myself. The 2nd customer the wedgie shoe bitch also met a satisfying and bloody end at the hands of the cobbler the playing or big band music while sawing her feet off and the fast paced jazz music as he was beating her skull to a pulp...BRAVO!. We also want to give Benito Garcia and the staff of Wetworks SFX kudos on the blood fx and the death scenes.

My only detraction and this is a minor one was when the cobbler was beating the skull of shoe bitch
there was not as much blood splatter as you might think, considering the amount of fluids that are contained in the human skull I might be wrong but a great scene none the less.
So in closing we give If The Shoe Fits and Splitsville Productions a two big thumbs way way up from myself Brother Jack Angry and Brother James and the rest of the crew here at the Monastery of Mayhem.

So in conclusion we will wrap this up with a reminder to our friends and fans to support local indie filmmakers, shop local and to keep america on top watch horror hosts y'all and friends dont let friends wear lab coats.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Angry Brothers At Ocomicon

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack Angry here, The Summer Season is definitely upon us the days are hot n hazy and the nights are warm, the air is full of all kinds of insects and if your a hay fever sufferer like Brother Jack your sinuses are going apeshit! Another inevitability of summer in Omaha is Ocomiccon; this is the 3rd Ocomiccon convention hosted at the MAC Center in Council Bluffs Ia. Brother James and Myself went in Civvie Drag to this convention to take a look at what was going on and here,s our report. We arrived about 30 min before the doors opened at 12pm on  Friday July 7, 2017 the crowd was well behaved we were able to engage in a little small talk with a kylo renn cos-player while waiting to get inside. After paying for our tickets 50.00 for 2 1 day tickets (cheaper than some of the larger cons but??) we headed for the convention floor and the vendors area, we were on a mission to get a Blue Ranger Pop signed by David Yost one of the celebrity guests of the con..(more on that in a bit) we figured there would be a bit of a wait so we check out the various vendors and we were not disappointed. The First vendor we visited was Tarafying Treasures run by Tara Hinson specializing in Perler, jewelry, art & more. You Can Visit her shop here  .

Another fine vendor was Barry Dunne of Sneaky Ninja Customs specializing in leather goods and other hand made items you can find his  shop by going to his facebook page here

 We also had the treat to check out the booth of Spiel Bound the board game cafe located at 3229 Hearney st in Omaha. A board game themed cafe sounds interesting we will be checking them out in the meantime you can visit them here 

Finally We stopped by the booth for House of Conundrum located at 2564 Leavenworth st here in  Omaha, and spoke to the owner John Comstock this is  a locally run business that specializes in the escape room craze that is sweeping the country featuring themed room such as a zombie apocalypse and a Batman theme escape room you can check out their website HERE   .

 Ok Now on to what most people want to see the cosplayers, the Angry Brothers have always supported cosplay here in Omaha in past editions of the blog so with out further delay here are some of the cosplay highlights from Ocomiccon

 great looking Xena Warrior princess, the gal doing the owl costume is not bad either
 The Stunning Brittany Rose Gohr
as Kittana From Mortal Kombat
Brittany Rose Gohr

 Great Darth Maul Samuari done The Cosplayer won one of the best in show for this. Very Richly deserved well done.
 A good friend of the show The Lovely '
Becki Bullets as the Classic Harley Quinn from the Batman Animated Series.
 Xena Again

 Kate Kasket with her take on Darth Maul (rawwr) painting and wardrobe done by Jeff Christenham

A kick ass Cylon Centurion Done By the Iron Brothers I beleive i could be wrong but it fuckin rocks!

In all honesty I did go to this convention with the intention of giving it a bad review because of who they chose to partner themselves with in the past. Thankfully that person was not there and observing the volunteers working with the celeb guest of the con and in general the several occasions i had to ask questions from a volunteer i received fast and friendly help. So i will give kudos to the organizers and volunteers of of Ocomiccon, In the past i was harsh about the con and had decided never to patronize it again but seeing what i did on Friday definitely changed my mind. I will direct this to the organizers of the con we covered your first one we would like to do so again in an official capacity, the ball is in your court. So before I go Always support your local cons and lets keep America on top watch horror hosts y'all.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Adam West..A Fond Farewell and Godspeed from the Monastery of Mayhem

Greetings Faithful Followers,

I guess we have all heard about the the passing of one of Americas most iconic acting personalities, Adam West (June 10,2017); so today we will forego the normal wackiness and irreverence you might expect from this blog and take a more reverent and heartfelt look at this extrordinary actor, husband, father, human being the man Adam West.

Were not going to recite the facts of his life; what we are going to do is to celebrate that life through the prism of how it inspiried yours truly to be the person that I am today. Adam West has always been reffered to as "The Bright Knight" in reference to how he portrayed the character. He used tools like kindness, compassion, and humor never taking himself too seriously in a decidely "brighter" vein than later batman incarnations. Camp aside Adam West played batman without the darkness later versions (christian bale or ben affleck. I guess I have at least subconsciously tried to
emulate him in the terms of how I do the show and the overall tone although we are heav er on the snark than what Adam West would have been we do keep trying unlike our erstwhile competition.

I grew up watching The Batman tv series so i can confidently say that Adam West was not only my first batman he was "MY BATMAN" that makes his loss felt more keenly here at the ole' monastery of mayhem.

  In closing I will keep this breif  so instead of our usual closing from myself and the rest of the crew here at the Monastery of  Mayhem to Adam West Godspeed Ol, chum and thank for the memories untill we meet again.
here is an article from face book with a list of charities that were famous to Adam West, check em out and please donate in his name.

the following is from the west family asking to keep adams legacy alive with the charities he loved

Dear fans, Thank you so much for the ongoing support and love you've shown for AW and our family. We're truly grateful. One of his last requests before he passed was to keep his bright light shining on the world by supporting children who have cancer and their families by donating to the following organizations that were near and dear to his heart:
Camp Rainbow Gold -
St. Jude -
Thank you.
- The West Family

Friday, May 26, 2017

Back to the drawing board again !!

Effective Immediately Karla Force aka Karla Kitty aka Evilla is no longer associated with the cast of The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama, in any way shape or form. That is all!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Angry Brothers Partners With Comedy After Dark

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack  has scored quite a coup for the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama  we are partnering with noted local comedians Bill Queen & Rome Dailey the minds behind a new adult oriented comedy showcase called Comedy After Dark I will let Bill and Rome tell you more about this event the following comes from their face book page " This show is Rated R for graphic language, adult situations and possible nudity* (*not likely, but who knows!!)
 The edgiest standup show at Backline, make sure not to come if adult humor rubs you the wrong way. 
 Chuck & Bill line up Omaha's top comics and give them a chance to perform the filthy stuff that gets frowned upon at a typical show.
If this sounds like you something you would like, then you definitely will. If this sounds disgusting to you, we have other shows you should check out and we love ya just the same.

Hosted by
Rome Dailey

Haley Raven
Don Seager
Jason Regan
Mark Sibbitt
Brandon Cordes
Bill Queen

Tickets are $5.
(Buying tickets online is advised as this show will be a sellout)".

There ya have it Brother Jack and the Brother James, Demona, Evilla will be on hand to interview the featured comedians and Bill and Rome and we will filming parts of the show to run on our KPAO public Omaha Public Access TV show. If you want to check out more about the show you can visit the FACEBOOK page by clicking HERE
The Date and Time are..Saturday, June 3 at 10 PM - 11:30 PM
The Location isThe Backline 1618 Harney St, Omaha, Nebraska 68102
If you would like to BUY TICKETS CLICK HERE

 We Look Forward to seeing you all there I am going to keep this short n sweet so remember Lets Keep America on top watch horror hosts y'all and Friends dont let friends wear labcoats.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Greetings faithful followers,

Your old buddy Brother Jack has joined forces with nationally known alternative model,  actress Karla Kitty she has agreed to be one of our newest dwellers of the monastery of mayhem. So lets find out a little about the lady herself in her own words .   
       I am a 38 year old internationally published Alternative and fetish model, based in Omaha Nebraska. I am originally born in Des Moines Iowa, and raised in Southern California. I have been modeling a little over a year now. I was actually discovered by a scam artist, oddly enough one year later, I am excelling in the industry. I am not only known for my modeling, I have also captured an online audience, with my comedic presence. I constantly have my fans and followers wondering, what is this bitch up to next? I am referred to as the "unapologetic, blunt, no filter, bad ass with class" I am also known for my confidence, passion, drive and fight. Often being called unprofessional. I keep it real and to the point. In my year of modeling, I was published in the very first issue of Fet Erotica. Following that I was published in the online digital Magazine of Internet Hollywood, founded by Mr. Justin Hamlet 3 times in a row. I was also launched in a magazine called Tantalize, founded by Ashlynn Cook. My most recent publication and interview can be found in another online digital magazine, called Inscriber Digital Magazine, founded by Robert Cobb. I keep it real and raw. Among all of that, I have been a guest on a couple of radio shows. I am a vast array of an enigma, so I am told. I love what I do. Beyond my modeling journey I am the blessed mother of 3 beautiful children. I am happily divorced and living the single life. I recently accepted the offer of working with Mr. Les, as a co host of his show. I look forward to this journey. Lets do this!!! Drops the Mic! Lol,

So there you have it faithful followers Lets all welcome her along with our Demona and Mistress Tiger. Great things are happening at the monastery of mayhem, Be sure to check out the Angry Brothers Newest movie Boobs, Bunz & Bawdiness here 
And Remember Faithful Followers a portion of the sales also goes to support the C3Foundation which is working to raise awareness for the Sinclair Method as a treatment for AUD (alcohol Usage Disorder).
Also you can check our promo playing on omaha public access tv and on ultra toxic tv and Static wasteland. 
We are featured int the Leaked: The Grey Journals series of books By Noted Horror/Sci-fi author Ash Nom DePlume you can find them on amazon by going here
So Remember Faithful Followers Friends dont let Friends Wear Lab Coats! Lets Keep America on top, watch horror hosts y'all.. SUCK IT SANGUINARY  YOU HACK!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Meet Our Vampy New Vixen Demona

 Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack is proud to introduce you to our newest Dungeon Dweller Demona. I dont want to give away too much about her past but let me assure you she is as mysterious as any of our other legion on dark and demons here in the Monastery of Mayhem.


Also Yours Truly Brother Jack Angry Brother James along with Ash, Inferna, Lady Torrid and Syn have been featured in the stories of  up and coming author Ash Nom DePlume in LEAKED. THE GREY JOURNALS

The Story Features Super spy and Possible Alien Abductee James Ian Salvador Dragonavitch Grey (aka Jimmy) a man with augmented healing abilities and a much Longer life span than most, on the run and searching for his past and his destiny, makes the acquaintance of 2 unlikely traveling companions a pair of undead monks that have been kicking around since the time of the revolutionary war. Being sent by the mysterious "uncle john" they befriend our hero are charged with the task of transporting him across country and keeping out of the hands of Jimmy's mysterious enemies..Leading to many strange and exotic places such as Horror Cons in Pennsylvania , The Amish Country and yes even Disneyland. Check out the book on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited if your a amazon prime and kindle unlimited you can read it for free by going here

Finally if your a fan of the Angry Brothers and you want some good naught fun you are going to want to check this message our from our newest vixen Demona

So until next time Remember Lets Keep America On Top Watch Horror Hosts and Friends dont let Friends wear lab coats or watch red haired hacks .... Suck It Dr Shitguinary

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Podcast with Claudia christian 2 years later The Fight Continues!

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack is just over the moon about the Happenings here at the Monastery of Mayhem over the Last 7 Days, Lets get started on all the great dish. First off  We want to welcome the C Three Foundation and Claudia Christian to the Angry Brothers Shock O Rama family. They have graciously allowed us to feature The Documentary about the Sinclair Method Called  One Little Pill, which Claudia narrates  to be featured on our Public Access Tv Program on KPAO Cox channel 22 in Omaha Nebraska in addition to allowing us to run the full and unabridged documentary on our affiliate channels Ultra Toxic Tv, The Static Wasteland & BizzareTv channels on the Roku streaming box. This full length will be uploaded to pegmedia.org for distribution to the public access tv program directors that frequent that site  Also our good friend author Ash Nom DePlume has given a protion of the rights to his book Hospice Confessions to Claudias C Three Foundation to raise awareness to The Sinclair Method of AUD (Alchol Use Disorder).

If you would like to hear the podcast that started it all you can visit our archived site on soundcloud and listen or down load it from here

Or If you want to hear the most current roundtable  podcast with Claudia Christian  you can listen or down load by going here to our blogtalkradio.com site

If you Want to read the works of the author Ash Nom DePlume you can visit his Smash Words site and down load his Shades of Gray Books Featuring yours truly and Brother James Inferna, Ash, Lady Torrid and the rest of the gang by going here

This is a very close cause to myself and Brother James because like many of the 3 million plus people that die in the US alone From AUD and complications that arise from this disease, we lost a family member to alcohol. Had this Treatment been available at that time thier outcome might have been different. We do try to deal with most subjects in a humorous and light manner but please believe me faithful followers this issue is as serious as a heart attack.

So in closing Faithful Followers Let me leave you not with our normal closing but let me leave you with the motto for Claudias C three Foundation...



Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Stunning Discovery Queen Malovia

Greetings Faithful followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack Angry along with the rest of the crew at the monastery of mayhem are always keeping their collective eyes and ears open we have made several wonderful discoveries as of late such as the delightful Kinky Katie Radio podcast and indie horror film producers such as Jerry Williams of goatboy productions. Queen malovia joins the ranks of such female horror hostesses as Crematia mortem, Penny Dreadful XIII , Marlena Midnight , Roksy Tyler, Macabra, and Janet Decay. and such well known co hostesses  as our own Ash, Inferna and Lady Torrid and our newest cast member Mistress Tiger.

Queen malovia also had produced 3 short films which we will be featuring on our show The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama you can look for that episode shortly as it is in filming as we speak

Queen Malovia is played to perfection by imdb noted actress Jennifer Nangle to look at her IMDB page with all her acting credits click here.

Jennifer will also be doing an interview on the Angry Brothers Podcast on BLOGTALK RADIO Live from the monastery of mayhem which you can find by going here 
Our episodes will feature 3 short films from Queen Malovia as Jennifer Nangle
Dare You , The Traveler  & Spirit Board. I have previewed the films they are all quite excellent we are waiting for more films from Jennifer with great anticipation.  Queen Malvolia also has her channel on YouTube called Queen of Screams which you can visit by clicking here

So there you have it faithful followers we were promised the elevator in 2017 but it appears we are gonna get the shaft instead, however as brother jack always prefers to look for the light at the end of the tunnel we did discover another diamond in the crap (Kinky Katie being the first ) in the form of Queen Malovia. 
The Lovely Queen Malovia in all her glory !
Note the dark dangerous eyes

warning dangerous curves ahead

of course we all love the halloween pumpkins!

definately a horror hostess to keep our eyes on 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Out of the Crap...A New Years Treasure !

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Happy New Years from your old pal Brother Jack Angry, Brother James, Inferna, Lady Torrid and Our Newest dungeon dweller here at he Monastery of Mayhem Mistress Tiger. Lets Face it people 2016 Was a Bitch and her stripper name was dead stars! The Loss of so many celebrities; luminaries like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and even our Beloved Princes Leia Carrie Fisher and Her mom Debbie Reynolds, I don't know about you faithful followers Brother Jack was about ready to start making a batch of Jim Jones Guyana Kool Aid if you get my meaning. and to top it off President elect TRUMP?? in what kind of sane universe does this happen? Fortunately out of the crapfest that was 2016 Brother Jack managed to stumble upon a diamond while sifting thru the sewage. That Diamond is Kinky Katie Radio.

What is Kinky Katie Radio you might ask? Kinky Katie radio is an online radio program where the hostess Kinky Katie a Lifestyle fetishist, talk radio show host, fetish performer, and adult film actress/producer and her co host her favorite flesh coated play toy Stunt Cock bringing you straight forward, hard hitting, crass, hilarious and always entertaining talk on sexuality, current issues and whatever else happens to be rattling around in her head at the time often with linen soiling results ( dont listen to this podcast in a quiet library it will get you kicked out take my word for that).  Katie and SC cover any and all topics with a honesty and openness that I personally find refreshing especially in this age of maniacal political correctness, Katie keeps her listeners engaged..(no that is not right i guess riveted might be a better adjective) to her every word. The Interplay with SC and Katie is always fresh and moves the show along, the shows are generally an hour in length you will never be aware of the fact that you are so entertained. Kinky Katie Broadcasts her show on her own sight which you can visit by going to www.kinkykatieradio.com 

Katie and SC at New Years

Kinky Katie at the Mic

 Katie also broadcasts 2 other show from that site which is part of ras radio live website which is a network of talk radio show covering a multitude of subjects I found several interesting shows that will provide many hours of enjoyable listening. Katie also co hosts the show One Night stand with Amber Ballesteros (see pic below ) Katie also does a show called kinky katies world squirlled up that is where they take bits of previous broadcasts and play them at a faster speed or squirelling up the results are side bustingly hilarious.  

So Take it from your old pal Brother Jack Angry This is definitely a show you all would enjoy, unless you a religious fundamentalist then your probably going to have a lousy afternoon. Katie, SC and Amber have a great chemistry the show is always fresh, fierce and alway a pervy crowd pleaser. Keep up the great work guys.  

all picts courtesy of kinkykatieradio.com