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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Promotional Appearences and Another successful Radio Show

Greetings Faithful Followers,

I just wanted to devote this edition of the blog to all our great fans who cam out to see us when we judged the costume contests at the 21st saloon and Chrome Lounge right before halloween.  We met so many great fans of the show and got recognized by many of them and met a few new ones too. I wanted to share these great pics and you can see more on our website 
So with that being said please enjoy the pics also check out our lateste edition of Live from the Monastary of Mayhem on blog talk radio here

2 pretty gals that came out to play 

posing by our table 

Inferna and a fan 

Inferna and Rob the Zombie

                                                            Rob The Zombie Flirting

                                                     one of our contest winner and a friend

                                                     Inferna and Our Grand Prize winner

Inferna and  A Fan  

Syn And  A fan 

                                                       Brother Jack and A Husker Girl

                                                A group of hot ladies from Chrome Lounge

                                                             Syn And Inferna at Chrome

Our Waitress At Chrome 

So thats it for now Faithful followers, I do want to give a big shout out to Rich Koz better known as the Chicago Horror Host Svengoolie who is recovering from a heart attack suffered over the weekend. Lets 
all take a moment to send him some good energy and vibes for him and his family.

Unpleasant Dreams,

Brother Jack Angry 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Angry Brothers On The Air.

Greetings Faithful Followers, This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry bringing you great news, our radio show Live from the Monastary of Mayhem is a smashing success. We have had 2 really great call in guests, and the show is becoming popular with the archived online listening also. Our guests include adult film actress Rita Daniels and Former Babylon 5 star, author, singer, chef etc Claudia Christian.

You can listen to Ritas Call in interview on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem here. You can find out about rita's bid to be Ms Exxxotica  from her site here

you can listen to Claudia Christians interview on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem here. Also here is a link to Claudia's Babylon Confidential Site check it out. I have read the introduction from the book and found it to be a great read cant wait to get the rest.

Look for our other great interview on Live From the Monastary of Mayhem on blogtalk radio

We Will be posting those interviews later in the blog. For the Halloween season we did 2 promotional apperances one at the 21st saloon as guests of the band 3D in your face  and judging the costume contest  Also we interviewed the band John Doe and judged the costume contest there look for some great pics of the winners here.

To check out the great pics from our promo appearances visit our website at www.theangrybros.com

Unpleasant Dreams,

Brother Jack Angry

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Return Visit To Chrome Lounge with The Fools

Greetings Faithful Followers, This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry I just wanted to let you all know about our recent return the Chrome Lounge at 8552 Park Dr, Omaha · (402) 339-866. We were lucky enough to meet the band The Fools, and do a quick interview with the band leader Mike and Drummer Marco which you can view below.

Here Are some pics of inferna and syn and ghoulia having fun at he bar during the show

Inferna and a fan of the fools getting friendly

2 hot cougars yummy

More fun with the hotties

Mike Kruger Lead singer

all of the Omaha Shock O Rama Lovelies with the doorman

Well That is all for now Faithful Follwers This is your old pal brother jack angry saying unpleasant dreams and keep those cards and letters and emails coming in Brother Jack Angry

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Roving Reporter Inferna at A Nightmare on Q Street Haunt in Omaha Ne,

Greetings faithful followers,

Your old pal brother jack angry is turning this edition of the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama over to the Lovely Inferna our own Cougar from hell and our resident zombie rob the zombie with a couple of on the scene interviews with haunt goers at the attraction which you can view right here. This was the opening weekend for the haunt so Inferna went by to check it out a really fun time was had by all.

Here is and interview with some brave folks that have come out of the attraction check it out.

Here are some great pics from the haunt as well. If you want to check them out got to their website by clicking here

A big hug to inferna for a job well done, I wanna take a moment to that Inferna and the rest of my crew here at Omaha Shock O Rama, were growing every day and we are gonna carry on thru this haunt season and many more Here is episodes 35 and 36

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A new look for the angry brothers. Also we finally located Evelle LeChat

Greetings faithful followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack Angry has some great news recently we were able to shoot several episodes with Brother James starting a new storyline to re introduce him back to the viewers after an extended absence. Your all going to want to tune in to see what happens. Also we have a new look here on the show new outfits for myself and Syn and Inferna, these were provided by our friends at purecostumes 
A wonderful and economical source for all your costume needs.

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a really wonderful lady with the sexiest voice I have ever heard faithful followers, and as long as a decrepit old fart like me has been around thats saying something. I am referring to the Vixen of Vamp, the hostess of Night Frights out of Conway AR the lovely Evelle Lechat
after much searching of the internet I was able to locate a contact number I expected the number to be disconnected when I called after a nondescript leave a msg I didn't not expect a callback but lo and behold 2 days later i got a voice mail msg on my phone the minuet i heard the french accent I knew it was Evelle, 5 days worth of phone tag later I was actually speaking to her. My first question is "where have you been?" I know many of my fellow horror hosts have inquired about this as well. Evelle explained that the tv station that was broadcasting Night Frights was bought by a company with a religious agenda and did not want a horror program on thier station,(hate mail?...HMMMM). Evelle also explained  that since this had occurred may of the crew members that helped her film have gone on to other projects. We definately want to have Evelle on our show for a visit or an interview we hope to get that accomplished after she relocates back to the sunny west cost and begins refilming her show. Evelle reassured me that she would be back , we  wish her much 
success to a really terrific lady and a fantastic horror host.

So in parting I will leave you with the links for episodes 33 and 34 Enjoy!

Unpleasant Dreams
Brother Jack Angry

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our Newest sponsors and updates on the latest episodes

Greetings Faithful Followers,

A lot of things have been happening to your old pal Brother Jack, along with James, Inferna , Ghoulia and our newest cast member Syn. We Have added a new sponsor, A Nightmare on Q Street one of the top attractions here in Omaha Ne. We Will get to to that shortly but first things first,

A Big Welcome to Syn Ashes other Devil Sister,  She Finally showed up after almost a year of being lost in the wilds of Western Nebraska. We're glad to have her back and none the worse for wear.
Isnt she a hottie..

More Good news, a fan in Arizona wants to begin a fan club dedicated to our own lovely Inferna. If anyone is interested in starting  fan clubs for the show in you respective cities please let me know by emailing here
A TV station in Nashville Tn, is considering Syndicating the show more details on that to follow.

You Can check for a new look in future episodes we will be upgrading the outfits for the girls I'm sure you all will love em. 

On a big note We even were graced with Brother James returning to film an episode, we have a new storyline concering Brother James so keep tuning in to see what happens.

Finally Faithful followers, Yours Truly Brother Jack Angry and the rest of the crew have been named as omaha ne/midwest correspondents and official members of Rotting Flesh Radio's Casket Crew you can find us at  Rotting Flesh Radio 

Before Leaving you I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all our friends and supporters to those that called us pretenders and frauds guess which finger I'm holding up.. 

I will leave you with episodes 32 and 33 so enjoy.

Unpleasant Dreams

Brother Jack Angry

Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Things on the way for The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama

Greetings Faithful Followers, Your old pal Brother Jack Angry Has some great news for you all, we have found a great new business here in the Omaha Metro Area. Halloween Stones is store that provides great concrete statuary (skulls, Tombstones, gargoyles, busts etc) The owner Terry Kern was kind enough to give us an interview which you can watch here

here are some pics of his work If you wish to purchase or find out their work or purchase if you are in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area you can visit Halloween Stones Facebook Page Here .

In addition to that we have opened a dialog with Seka the legendary platinum princess of adult entertainment to have her come to Omaha to do an interview for the show and a promotional appearance at one of our sponsors this is in the negotiation stage and we will keep you posted as to further developments enjoy some pics of seka
We also want to welcome Kendra Keeling to our Omaha Shock O Rama Family as syn the sexy demoness the older of the devil sisters. Here is her pic with Terry Kern from Halloween Stones

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Episodes 26-29 and an update on our Lovers Luxuries appearance

Greetings Faithful Followers, This is your old pal brother Jack Angry from the Monastery of Mayhem deep in the bowels of Omaha Ne Bringing you more twisted tales and Horror Host Happenings. Our visit to Lover Luxuries in Omaha Ne, we killed it! It was fantastic we signed over one hundred autographs and the place was packed for literal the whole time we were there. The Manager/Owner Liz and the rest of her staff Adam, Jim, Ken, Sarah, Kassi were great they made us feel right at home and were a fantastic help in setting everything up such as the table and getting us a good spot in the stores. Liz even provided us with a huge sack of small goodie bags to pass out to people who came by to get autographs. The Fans that came by were outstanding even if they didn't know who we were many people came by to compliment Inferna on her outfit or to yuck it up with Brother Jack, many inquired about Ash's absence. Inferna even received a visit from 2 of her number one fans. Jack Even had a visit from some of his fans such as Dmitri,Starla and Stacey aka Fleshflower (cute huh?) The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama makes new progress every week we have entered into an agreement with Big Brain Tattoo in Omaha for 6 months of publicity which will include a promotional appearance at their shop, If you are interested in having us promote your business please contact me at theangrybros@gmail.com . enclosed will be some pics from the event
Here are episodes 26-29 enjoy!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For Our first gig we were lucky enought to appear at Chrome Lounge located at 8552 Park Drive Omaha, NE 68127 (402) 339-8660. The Heat of 102.F did keep many people away but we did enjoy talking to Mama Chrome and Randy 2 of the owners of the bar. And We Met Many of the bikers who had showed up for the Weekly Bike night. This Video will be showing up on you tube shortly. Inferna and Myself we had a great time we were even asked to judge or emcee at chromes annual halloween costume contest you can bet we will be there. For All of our fans and the viewers of this blog here is a copy of Chromes July Band Schedule. Hope to see all of you there.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to our sexy new Ghoulia and THE BIG UPDATE episodes 18-24

We have found a really sexy fit for the part of our long lost Ghoulia, As most of you dont know our original Ghoulla played by the sexy Maddy Greip only appeared in 1 episode as Ghoulia. Because of health issues and a change in address the part was put in standby. We have found our new Ghoulia played by the smoking hot Brooke Devine. Brooke is a performer at many local clubs and always puts on a great show for her fans. In Addition to welcoming Brooke to our crew we also have the big update as far as the newest episodes including ep # 24 The Hideous Sun Demon featuring Ash, Inferna And Ghoulia along with brother Jack Angry. So Enjoy Faithful Followers.
Here Are the episodes 18-24 enjoy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome To our New Friends/sponsor

We are happy to announce that another great band has joined the Angry Brothers Family. Welcome to the band 3Din your face we will be posting some picks of our lovely inferna with the band and some other material to see them go here.. Your can Check out thier facebook page here Here are some promo pics they did when we interviewed them

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Visit With the Glam Gore Girls

Greetings Failful followers, This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry giving you a brief update on whats goin on here at the monastery of mayhem here in the bowels of Omaha Ne, We had a great interview with some of the coolest hot chicks you will ever meet. The One and Only Omaha Glam Gore Girls. If you want to know more you can check em out here www.glamgoregirls.com

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama episodes 16-17

here are are newest episodes #'s 16-17 enjoy, great things are happening here at the monastery of mayhem deep in the bowels of Omaha Nebraska.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Sexy Inferna

Greetings Faithful followers this is your old pal Brother Jack Angry, it has been a while since I have posted a message on the blog, I do apologize for that I and the rest of the crew here at the monastery of mayhem deep in the bowels of Omaha Ne have been super busy filming new episodes and getting the show syndicated in more markets and distribution channels. We will be appearing on the VORTEXX on livestream on april 25th at 9pm so thanks to sluggo gonzales and the crimson executioner. This post is dedicated to our demonic, delightful and thoroughly dangerous Inferna who has helped and contributed so much along with Ash, Brother James, and Ghoulia have made the show such a big hit with fans. Enjoy the links and pics. So until next time, Faithful Followers.

Brother Jack Angry

Infernas page on the angry brothers website.

the vortexx on livestream

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Art work for the Angry Brothers and episodes 13-15

Greetings faithful followers,

Your old buddy Brother Jack Angry has some great news we recently recieved this artwork from our good buddy Todd Myzia aka the Toxic Xombie his movie reviews on youtube are to die for check him out By clicking here

Here Are Episodes 13-15 Enjoy abd be sure to check out our swag shop by going HERE