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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A new look for the angry brothers. Also we finally located Evelle LeChat

Greetings faithful followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack Angry has some great news recently we were able to shoot several episodes with Brother James starting a new storyline to re introduce him back to the viewers after an extended absence. Your all going to want to tune in to see what happens. Also we have a new look here on the show new outfits for myself and Syn and Inferna, these were provided by our friends at purecostumes 
A wonderful and economical source for all your costume needs.

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking to a really wonderful lady with the sexiest voice I have ever heard faithful followers, and as long as a decrepit old fart like me has been around thats saying something. I am referring to the Vixen of Vamp, the hostess of Night Frights out of Conway AR the lovely Evelle Lechat
after much searching of the internet I was able to locate a contact number I expected the number to be disconnected when I called after a nondescript leave a msg I didn't not expect a callback but lo and behold 2 days later i got a voice mail msg on my phone the minuet i heard the french accent I knew it was Evelle, 5 days worth of phone tag later I was actually speaking to her. My first question is "where have you been?" I know many of my fellow horror hosts have inquired about this as well. Evelle explained that the tv station that was broadcasting Night Frights was bought by a company with a religious agenda and did not want a horror program on thier station,(hate mail?...HMMMM). Evelle also explained  that since this had occurred may of the crew members that helped her film have gone on to other projects. We definately want to have Evelle on our show for a visit or an interview we hope to get that accomplished after she relocates back to the sunny west cost and begins refilming her show. Evelle reassured me that she would be back , we  wish her much 
success to a really terrific lady and a fantastic horror host.

So in parting I will leave you with the links for episodes 33 and 34 Enjoy!

Unpleasant Dreams
Brother Jack Angry

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