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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, April 24, 2017


Greetings faithful followers,

Your old buddy Brother Jack has joined forces with nationally known alternative model,  actress Karla Kitty she has agreed to be one of our newest dwellers of the monastery of mayhem. So lets find out a little about the lady herself in her own words .   
       I am a 38 year old internationally published Alternative and fetish model, based in Omaha Nebraska. I am originally born in Des Moines Iowa, and raised in Southern California. I have been modeling a little over a year now. I was actually discovered by a scam artist, oddly enough one year later, I am excelling in the industry. I am not only known for my modeling, I have also captured an online audience, with my comedic presence. I constantly have my fans and followers wondering, what is this bitch up to next? I am referred to as the "unapologetic, blunt, no filter, bad ass with class" I am also known for my confidence, passion, drive and fight. Often being called unprofessional. I keep it real and to the point. In my year of modeling, I was published in the very first issue of Fet Erotica. Following that I was published in the online digital Magazine of Internet Hollywood, founded by Mr. Justin Hamlet 3 times in a row. I was also launched in a magazine called Tantalize, founded by Ashlynn Cook. My most recent publication and interview can be found in another online digital magazine, called Inscriber Digital Magazine, founded by Robert Cobb. I keep it real and raw. Among all of that, I have been a guest on a couple of radio shows. I am a vast array of an enigma, so I am told. I love what I do. Beyond my modeling journey I am the blessed mother of 3 beautiful children. I am happily divorced and living the single life. I recently accepted the offer of working with Mr. Les, as a co host of his show. I look forward to this journey. Lets do this!!! Drops the Mic! Lol,

So there you have it faithful followers Lets all welcome her along with our Demona and Mistress Tiger. Great things are happening at the monastery of mayhem, Be sure to check out the Angry Brothers Newest movie Boobs, Bunz & Bawdiness here 
And Remember Faithful Followers a portion of the sales also goes to support the C3Foundation which is working to raise awareness for the Sinclair Method as a treatment for AUD (alcohol Usage Disorder).
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So Remember Faithful Followers Friends dont let Friends Wear Lab Coats! Lets Keep America on top, watch horror hosts y'all.. SUCK IT SANGUINARY  YOU HACK!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Meet Our Vampy New Vixen Demona

 Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack is proud to introduce you to our newest Dungeon Dweller Demona. I dont want to give away too much about her past but let me assure you she is as mysterious as any of our other legion on dark and demons here in the Monastery of Mayhem.


Also Yours Truly Brother Jack Angry Brother James along with Ash, Inferna, Lady Torrid and Syn have been featured in the stories of  up and coming author Ash Nom DePlume in LEAKED. THE GREY JOURNALS

The Story Features Super spy and Possible Alien Abductee James Ian Salvador Dragonavitch Grey (aka Jimmy) a man with augmented healing abilities and a much Longer life span than most, on the run and searching for his past and his destiny, makes the acquaintance of 2 unlikely traveling companions a pair of undead monks that have been kicking around since the time of the revolutionary war. Being sent by the mysterious "uncle john" they befriend our hero are charged with the task of transporting him across country and keeping out of the hands of Jimmy's mysterious enemies..Leading to many strange and exotic places such as Horror Cons in Pennsylvania , The Amish Country and yes even Disneyland. Check out the book on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited if your a amazon prime and kindle unlimited you can read it for free by going here

Finally if your a fan of the Angry Brothers and you want some good naught fun you are going to want to check this message our from our newest vixen Demona

So until next time Remember Lets Keep America On Top Watch Horror Hosts and Friends dont let Friends wear lab coats or watch red haired hacks .... Suck It Dr Shitguinary