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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Our Promotional Appearences and Another successful Radio Show

Greetings Faithful Followers,

I just wanted to devote this edition of the blog to all our great fans who cam out to see us when we judged the costume contests at the 21st saloon and Chrome Lounge right before halloween.  We met so many great fans of the show and got recognized by many of them and met a few new ones too. I wanted to share these great pics and you can see more on our website 
So with that being said please enjoy the pics also check out our lateste edition of Live from the Monastary of Mayhem on blog talk radio here

2 pretty gals that came out to play 

posing by our table 

Inferna and a fan 

Inferna and Rob the Zombie

                                                            Rob The Zombie Flirting

                                                     one of our contest winner and a friend

                                                     Inferna and Our Grand Prize winner

Inferna and  A Fan  

Syn And  A fan 

                                                       Brother Jack and A Husker Girl

                                                A group of hot ladies from Chrome Lounge

                                                             Syn And Inferna at Chrome

Our Waitress At Chrome 

So thats it for now Faithful followers, I do want to give a big shout out to Rich Koz better known as the Chicago Horror Host Svengoolie who is recovering from a heart attack suffered over the weekend. Lets 
all take a moment to send him some good energy and vibes for him and his family.

Unpleasant Dreams,

Brother Jack Angry 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Angry Brothers On The Air.

Greetings Faithful Followers, This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry bringing you great news, our radio show Live from the Monastary of Mayhem is a smashing success. We have had 2 really great call in guests, and the show is becoming popular with the archived online listening also. Our guests include adult film actress Rita Daniels and Former Babylon 5 star, author, singer, chef etc Claudia Christian.

You can listen to Ritas Call in interview on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem here. You can find out about rita's bid to be Ms Exxxotica  from her site here

you can listen to Claudia Christians interview on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem here. Also here is a link to Claudia's Babylon Confidential Site check it out. I have read the introduction from the book and found it to be a great read cant wait to get the rest.

Look for our other great interview on Live From the Monastary of Mayhem on blogtalk radio

We Will be posting those interviews later in the blog. For the Halloween season we did 2 promotional apperances one at the 21st saloon as guests of the band 3D in your face  and judging the costume contest  Also we interviewed the band John Doe and judged the costume contest there look for some great pics of the winners here.

To check out the great pics from our promo appearances visit our website at www.theangrybros.com

Unpleasant Dreams,

Brother Jack Angry