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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Stunning Discovery Queen Malovia

Greetings Faithful followers,

Your old pal Brother Jack Angry along with the rest of the crew at the monastery of mayhem are always keeping their collective eyes and ears open we have made several wonderful discoveries as of late such as the delightful Kinky Katie Radio podcast and indie horror film producers such as Jerry Williams of goatboy productions. Queen malovia joins the ranks of such female horror hostesses as Crematia mortem, Penny Dreadful XIII , Marlena Midnight , Roksy Tyler, Macabra, and Janet Decay. and such well known co hostesses  as our own Ash, Inferna and Lady Torrid and our newest cast member Mistress Tiger.

Queen malovia also had produced 3 short films which we will be featuring on our show The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama you can look for that episode shortly as it is in filming as we speak

Queen Malovia is played to perfection by imdb noted actress Jennifer Nangle to look at her IMDB page with all her acting credits click here.

Jennifer will also be doing an interview on the Angry Brothers Podcast on BLOGTALK RADIO Live from the monastery of mayhem which you can find by going here 
Our episodes will feature 3 short films from Queen Malovia as Jennifer Nangle
Dare You , The Traveler  & Spirit Board. I have previewed the films they are all quite excellent we are waiting for more films from Jennifer with great anticipation.  Queen Malvolia also has her channel on YouTube called Queen of Screams which you can visit by clicking here

So there you have it faithful followers we were promised the elevator in 2017 but it appears we are gonna get the shaft instead, however as brother jack always prefers to look for the light at the end of the tunnel we did discover another diamond in the crap (Kinky Katie being the first ) in the form of Queen Malovia. 
The Lovely Queen Malovia in all her glory !
Note the dark dangerous eyes

warning dangerous curves ahead

of course we all love the halloween pumpkins!

definately a horror hostess to keep our eyes on