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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, June 9, 2014

Holy Sh&%T Batman Tony Watt has done it again !!

Greetings Faithful Followers ,

Your old pal Brother Jack Angry and the rest of the crew at the Monastery of Mayhem take great pleasure in bringing you 2 more films from the canadian wildman Tony Watt along with his partner Vivita. The first film we will look at  is Frankenpimp and the Vixen Highway 2006. in the words of Tony Watt Himself,
"Romeo Montague is the alias of (the re-animated) Patient Zero, a skilled, mutated android hit-man/pimp/ancient relics collector, that lives in Verona City, N.Y.; a dystopic metropolis filled with extreme horror & sexual deviancy; featuring: a lustful, demonic, man-eating Astro-Queen, a psychotic South American underworld god, human/android sex-slave party-girls, bloodthirsty zombies, vengeful deities and alien hooker vampire junkies/go-go girls. The cities are also plagued with murderous cybernetic 'goon' robots, that are constantly trying to take Montague's life, as he and his street hustling pal 'Tricky' tries to figure out which one of his jive-ass enemies are trying to kill him (as well as trying to stay one step ahead of 'The Man'). In the middle of this chaos, Romeo/Zero tries to find the thief of his ancient , multi-million dollar voodoo ring."

The style Tony Watt films Frankenpimp in much like Acid Head  and Nosferatu vx Father Pipecock is a funky basement quality grind house style using  cut in's on sound effects (my personal favorite is the cavalry charge when Romeo has a bright idea), changes in brightness and hue to resemble a black and white film also the simulation of the scratched film that was so prevalent during the grind-house days, this nostalgia comes thru very well on the screen. Mr Watts other films all deal with the main characters searching for something, this thread runs through frankenpimp  as well as Romeo/Zero's trying to recover his voodoo ring and to keep his ass alive. In addition the hero always has a sidekick  in this film it is Tricky the Pimp  but like in father pipecock it works bravo Tony. The film continues through Romeo having to dispatch several assassin cyborgs while searching for the ring. His lovely muse/partner Vivita playes the damsel character throughout the film along with divika playing the  vampire henchman of "The Man"  A skeletal faced space alien/ Mayan Demon.

Watts Blatant use of nudity ,busty girls and other
basment tatics  was not overlooked in this film but we applaud him for continuing this noble tradition. This reviewers only criticism would be LARGER BREASTS! , tony 2 words AMY ANDERSSON & KAYLA KLEEVAGE! Other than that I would have to give frankenpimp one of our hightst ratings on the cheese cake factor.

Our Next film is Vixen Highway2006 It Came From Uranus (2010) the plot in the words of Tony Watt is as follows.."Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus!(2010) is an updated homage to 60's and 70's exploitation pictures & a re-imaging, re-regurgitation and semi-sequel to John Ervin's original 'Vixen Highway'; by Canadian schlock-meister: Tony 'Tex' Watt (Frankenpimp). This motion picture is a Faustian-tale, which takes place in Minnesota where the ailing, egotistical and sexually perverted rock-star Bobby Barzell (who sold his soul for wealth and rock and roll stardom) awaits a liver transplant from a psychotic fugitive of the law; as a vengeful, demonic alien tries to collect a past debt. This multi-genre feature is chock-full of Blood, Breasts, Bullets and Beasts ... an interstate, interplanetary menagerie of bad-assery!"


This film is a little harder to follow the the other films of Tony Watt, because of mainly all of the subplots going on, however on the upside this film forces the viewer and the audience to watch and pay attention no scanning the scene and being able to figure this one out kids if your watchin you are in for the long haul. Tony's  favorite co-hort Vivita returns  playing the parts of The Vixen Gang / Nurse Olga Krotchwarmer / Lady Ilham Kolbassa a Reporter. Tony saves a lot of money on casting costs as he plays multiple parts himself. Other noteworthy characters  wes Bobby Brazell (James Taggart) who also played multiple roles in the film such as Sheriff Bullnutz and the stunning honey milf (Shauna Howe) so lots of real great characters. The Stunning  Amabelle Singson plays the lead Divine Otaku and did a wonderful job with the character.

In conclusion we reccomend the films of tony watt highly if you like your movies violent, weird ,errotic and with hot bodies big boobs and lots of blood The Canadian Wildman always delivers.

So enjoy and if you ever find yourself in the great white north besure and give a big hand to Tony Watt/Vivita

Brother Jack Angry