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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Angry Brother on the loose at the 2014 AnimeNebraskon convention

Greetings Faithful Followers,

This is Brother Jack Angry One of the joys of this time of year in addition to Halloween, seeing ghosts , ghouls, witches and other monsters running around pumpkin spiced everything is the NebraskaAnimecon 2015. This convention has been growing and evolving and just getting plain better every since its inception in 2004 with only 300 attendees to over 5k+ for 2014. 

The con includes a veriatable who's who of the anime and voice acting realms this years guests included
Robert Axelrod, David Brehm, Chris Cason, Richard Epcar,  Kyle Hebert, Erica Mendez, Eric Stuart, Alexis Tipton, Cristina Vee, and Stephanie Young.

Another plus is being able to see all of the great cosplayers and cosplay enthuisists. All though I or Lady Torrid who covered the con with me did not know all of the characters we enjoyed ourselves immensely here are some pics for you all to enjoy.

a very sexy black cat

our own veronique

joker and harley quinn

A Really Rad Batman

the lovely Alyssa as one of the sailor moon girls

the manalorian mercs www.MandalorianMercs.com

Master Chief and Friend from Halo

song mina from soul blade

Here is the episode of the show dealing with the convention and an interview with the con chairman Dylan


Thanks to all the people on the staff of the convention for all thier help and assistance and

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to our fellow horror host Kentucky's own Uncle Edward

Greetings Faithful Followers,

For this installment of the Blog I want to tell you about a good friend and fellow horror host from the great state of kentucky Dale Streble aka Uncle Edward and the It Came from the Basment show
.  He was gracious enough to seek us out thru our YouTube page and becoming a fan and supporter of the show and providing us with much needed feedback and many words of encouragement. In addition to being a huge fan of our lovely co hostesses Inferna and Lady torrid not to mention our Newest member the Lovely Black Dahlia. So rather than liste to me yapp on about Uncle Edward I will let the man himself do that. Take it away Uncle Edward ...

In the small former railroad town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky about thirty miles south of Louisville, strange things have been afoot.   In 2011, Dale Streble, a horror and sci-fi movie junkie since the 70’s was working on a character to DJ a Halloween dance that his Lion’s Club did to raise funds for camps for special needs kids and Dr. Darkhours in his tuxedo and fez came to be. 

Dale soon felt called to the video medium and in 2012, Uncle Edward, a ghoul in repose at a forgotten cemetery was discovered, still sporting a fez as Dr. Darkhours.   When space babe Nadia von Nacht (played by my wife, Robin) crashed in the cemetery, It Came From the Basement was born.  But before a full episode could be filmed and presented on the local public access channel, Dale was injured in an automobile accident and filming was put off for most of 2012.  During this time scripts were painfully written.  However, when braces came off, the cable company had changed and the local friendly staff was now a huge, not as friendly, national company.  A full show was made, but getting it broadcast was a formidable task.  Dale had experienced a plethora of horror hosts online, not the least of which was Omaha’s Shock-O-Rama with the great Angry Brothers and their bevy of beauties!  But this was some time to be.

In the Basement there was despair as posting a show on the internet just didn’t seem right.  Then, in late 2013 Dale discovered a Kentucky independent filmmaker, Jerry Williams, who had been doing a You Tube show based on the 1950’s program Captain Video, with his called Astro Space Hero, and after shooting some scenes for Jerry, Dale was emboldened to bring forth his own little show called Adventures of Galactic Command, which appeared on You Tube in early 2014.  Due to the simple beauty of this, Dale brought back Uncle Edward and his favorite space babe, Nadia von Nacht to give another go at It Came From the Basement.  Uncle Edward’s love for the classics persisted with his Trailer-Rama shows.  And finally the full episode of ICFB featuring Night of the Bloodbeast, although recorded much earlier, was posted. 

Most recently, a new version called The It Came From the Basement Show was made and posted which features characters from the Basement, a moldy oldie cartoon and some groovy movie trailers.  

This started out with all intentions to be a horror host show, but the influences of SCTV and Benny Hill have led us into more sketch-type faire.  We really just want more input from everyone out there who has seen our shows to let us know what they think!

Well Said Dale.. err Uncle Edward you and you lovely co-hort Nadia Von Nacht had done a fine job..We cant wait to see what happens next. so keep up the great work.

Brother Jack Angry 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Introducing our newest member and our visit to the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society.

greetings Faithful Followers,

This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry Bringing you another edition of our blog Live from the Monastery of mayhem. I do want to address a couple of serious items before we get going with the fun and frivolity we are famous for. We Want to wish our twitter fan and much admired lady Christy Mack a speedy recovery and all the best wishes and most positive vibes at the hands of an ex boy friend (we all know who it is we just dont want to give that diseased stream of rhinoceros pizzle the free pub!). Christy has almost reached her goal of 100K on her crowd fund campagin to help her medical expenses we will post a link below. Secondly we want to dedicate this edition of the blog to Robin Williams A great comic, actor,husband,  father, philanthropist and human being. Rest In  peace Sir..

Now lets have some fun.. We want to welcome our newest member of our crazy little crew the lovely and luscious Meriyha Phillips as Black Dahlia, when you see her pics your all really gonna sit up and take notice. A welcome edition to our crew of lovelies Inferna, Lady Torrid, Ash, Ghoulia and Syn not to mention the sexy and elusive Dr Sangria.

From Left to Right Lady Torrid, Harley Quinn and Black Dahlia

The Omaha Sexy Nerd Society Is Run By Local personality Jim Morrison we were fortunate enuf to run across this group on Facebook and after absorbing the philosophy of the group and finding out about the Superhero/supervillan party in honor of one of the members birthday ( the sexy little nightwing) we were on our way to the party to shoot an episode which you can see on youtube and below. 

We also met many great party goers including the green hornet , harley quinn and thor, not to mention Jim Morrison who was dressed Ozymandias from the movie Watchmen. 

harley contemplating some villainy over a drink

The Girls with the Green Hornet

Black Dahlia with Harley Quin and Thor.

If you want to find out more about the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society you can check out thier facebook page by clicking here  Also for information on the CONgregation 2015 converntion that jim is working on you can click here

So until next time people be sure to embrace your inner nerd.

Brother Jack Angry

Monday, June 9, 2014

Holy Sh&%T Batman Tony Watt has done it again !!

Greetings Faithful Followers ,

Your old pal Brother Jack Angry and the rest of the crew at the Monastery of Mayhem take great pleasure in bringing you 2 more films from the canadian wildman Tony Watt along with his partner Vivita. The first film we will look at  is Frankenpimp and the Vixen Highway 2006. in the words of Tony Watt Himself,
"Romeo Montague is the alias of (the re-animated) Patient Zero, a skilled, mutated android hit-man/pimp/ancient relics collector, that lives in Verona City, N.Y.; a dystopic metropolis filled with extreme horror & sexual deviancy; featuring: a lustful, demonic, man-eating Astro-Queen, a psychotic South American underworld god, human/android sex-slave party-girls, bloodthirsty zombies, vengeful deities and alien hooker vampire junkies/go-go girls. The cities are also plagued with murderous cybernetic 'goon' robots, that are constantly trying to take Montague's life, as he and his street hustling pal 'Tricky' tries to figure out which one of his jive-ass enemies are trying to kill him (as well as trying to stay one step ahead of 'The Man'). In the middle of this chaos, Romeo/Zero tries to find the thief of his ancient , multi-million dollar voodoo ring."

The style Tony Watt films Frankenpimp in much like Acid Head  and Nosferatu vx Father Pipecock is a funky basement quality grind house style using  cut in's on sound effects (my personal favorite is the cavalry charge when Romeo has a bright idea), changes in brightness and hue to resemble a black and white film also the simulation of the scratched film that was so prevalent during the grind-house days, this nostalgia comes thru very well on the screen. Mr Watts other films all deal with the main characters searching for something, this thread runs through frankenpimp  as well as Romeo/Zero's trying to recover his voodoo ring and to keep his ass alive. In addition the hero always has a sidekick  in this film it is Tricky the Pimp  but like in father pipecock it works bravo Tony. The film continues through Romeo having to dispatch several assassin cyborgs while searching for the ring. His lovely muse/partner Vivita playes the damsel character throughout the film along with divika playing the  vampire henchman of "The Man"  A skeletal faced space alien/ Mayan Demon.

Watts Blatant use of nudity ,busty girls and other
basment tatics  was not overlooked in this film but we applaud him for continuing this noble tradition. This reviewers only criticism would be LARGER BREASTS! , tony 2 words AMY ANDERSSON & KAYLA KLEEVAGE! Other than that I would have to give frankenpimp one of our hightst ratings on the cheese cake factor.

Our Next film is Vixen Highway2006 It Came From Uranus (2010) the plot in the words of Tony Watt is as follows.."Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus!(2010) is an updated homage to 60's and 70's exploitation pictures & a re-imaging, re-regurgitation and semi-sequel to John Ervin's original 'Vixen Highway'; by Canadian schlock-meister: Tony 'Tex' Watt (Frankenpimp). This motion picture is a Faustian-tale, which takes place in Minnesota where the ailing, egotistical and sexually perverted rock-star Bobby Barzell (who sold his soul for wealth and rock and roll stardom) awaits a liver transplant from a psychotic fugitive of the law; as a vengeful, demonic alien tries to collect a past debt. This multi-genre feature is chock-full of Blood, Breasts, Bullets and Beasts ... an interstate, interplanetary menagerie of bad-assery!"


This film is a little harder to follow the the other films of Tony Watt, because of mainly all of the subplots going on, however on the upside this film forces the viewer and the audience to watch and pay attention no scanning the scene and being able to figure this one out kids if your watchin you are in for the long haul. Tony's  favorite co-hort Vivita returns  playing the parts of The Vixen Gang / Nurse Olga Krotchwarmer / Lady Ilham Kolbassa a Reporter. Tony saves a lot of money on casting costs as he plays multiple parts himself. Other noteworthy characters  wes Bobby Brazell (James Taggart) who also played multiple roles in the film such as Sheriff Bullnutz and the stunning honey milf (Shauna Howe) so lots of real great characters. The Stunning  Amabelle Singson plays the lead Divine Otaku and did a wonderful job with the character.

In conclusion we reccomend the films of tony watt highly if you like your movies violent, weird ,errotic and with hot bodies big boobs and lots of blood The Canadian Wildman always delivers.

So enjoy and if you ever find yourself in the great white north besure and give a big hand to Tony Watt/Vivita

Brother Jack Angry  

Monday, May 19, 2014


Greetings Faithful Followers,

For this installment of the blog I was originally going to do a review of the Tony Watt (aka The Canadian Wildman) films Frankenpimp and  Vixen Highway 2006 (both great films BTW so stay tuned). Instead I wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to a fello horror host and  a wonderful human being Magoo Gelehrter aka GAROU the werewolf also the husband of  Danielle Gelehrter aka Penny Dreadful XIII, Magoo lost his valiant struggle with cancer and left us this past friday. The entire horror host community  was deeply shocked and saddened by his loss including us here at the monastery of mayhem (brother james, ash, inferna & lady torrid) also send out deepest sympathies to Danielle and Magoo's families.
I personally did not have the opportunity to communicate with magoo on the level that many of my fellow horror hosts did But I followed the posts on his Gofundme and Facebook Pages and did talk thru facebook on several occasions. I was always touched by the optimism,strength and dignity that Magoo used in coping with his illness  and was always touched by the upbeat nature in the thank you email's he sent in regards to the donations made to his gofundme campaign and helping to spread the word of his plight with our fans and over the social media.                                                                                                                              

When I decided to become a horror host about 5 years ago I researched many horror hosts  Penny and Garou had stood out not only because of penny's obvious chrisma and attractivness (shes smokin!)  but what i watched on youtube and their websites and was captivated by the interplay between Penny and Garou, manfred von bulow and luna . Magoo's comedic timing and his passion and love for the character of Garou shone through every time he was in front of the camera . Tennessee horror host Dr Gangrene had this to say about Magoo "Magoo was the little guy with a funny name and  a huge personality -to meet Magoo was to fall in love with him. Funny. Intelligent, warm-hearted and full of love of life" A very appropriate description of Magoo indeed.

 After hearing of Magoo's Passing and not really believing that i had heard right, I began to wonder "why is someone with such passion and such strength taken from us so soon and obviously with so much more to give?" Having lost several  members of my own family to cancer I have asked these questions before and coming up with the same answer that the universe works in strange ways and someone that can touch so many is needed for great work elsewhere. I know that this is small comfort to penny and thier families at this time I wish that I could have gotten to Magoo better, I am sure that if someones impact in this life can be measured by the outpouring of sympathies by those lives he touched at his passing then Magoo was truly one of the luckiest of people.

Speaking for myself if I could answer any of those questions that i asked previously I would probably be a wiser person than I am now. All I can do is feel what all of us in the horror host community, his family and his fans are feeling now the sadness at his loss but also being grateful that Magoo was able to touch all of our lives in some way large or small, thats a pretty good legacy in my opinion.


Rest In Peace Garou you will be missed

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brother Jacks Wildest Indie Movie The Films of Tony Watt..Acid Queen and Nosferatu vs Father Pipecock & Sister Funk

Greeting Faithful Followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack Angry and the crew at the monastary of mayhem are always on the lookout for the best and brightest in indie film makers from both the states and our unique cousins from the great white north and by north I dont mean the dakotas I mean Canada..The Land of  Molson ale and the canadian tuxedo, where hockey isnt a game its a religion..

Our first film of the night is Acid Head -The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter the film stars Tony watt who also directs and produces along with his very delicious wife Vivita Kho, Tony has her billed as a canadian scream queen. The story opens with 2 bank robbers hitting the bank of Bramption Ontario where one of the robbers is gunned down as he lays dying he tells his partner to take the haul of cash and split for the states to find lana a stripper/hooker he had feeling for to let her knows he still loves her which he promptly does leaving his partner to die right there.. Tony watt plays many of the characters vito the italian mobster and john of Louisiana Lou  also the characters of butch, dracula and cletus. Vivita play the title role of Acid head and pheremone labonza.

The story follows the trials of butch after being beaten up with a black mambo dildo by his psycho girlfirend and being kicked out of his aprtment and his subsequent journey to find a home he encounter joey a doper and meth maker much hilarity ensues at this point.. Most notable in this production are the buxom vivta and the character of strawberry grenade played by the stunning Danielle Leslie D
ickson and Jane Longeye as Dixie Stoolsoftner. The movie has a grindhousey or bad porno vibe which adds to its charm. As I had several cans of beer during this film by the end it was a very unique ride to say the least..

Our Next Film By Watt and Twi is Nosferatu vs Father Pipecock and Sister Funk. this retelling of the Murnau classic Nosferatu had me scratching my head saying what the fuck and trying not to piss on myself from laughing at the same time. Im pretty sure that brother james did pee himself  but them James Pees himself on a pretty regular basis. Watts impressive use of sound bites to take murnau's story and turn it into a sex romp and his use of scene cut ins was a joy to watch. All in All both films have a funky basment quality much like our show which only enhances its charm. I cant wait to feature both of these works on Movie Night Live From the Monastery of Mayhem on KPAO here in Omaha.

This is one of those movies that you would want to watch with a fifth of your favorite adult beverage or a baggie of your favorite weed if your so enclined. A great Romp  Kudos Tony and Vivita.

you can check out tonys fb page  here

So until next time faithul followers remember friends dont let friends wear Labcoats...

Brother Jack Angry

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Angry Brothers Joins Forces with The HillBilly Horror Show

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Every Once in a while you discover a show out there that just makes you sit back scratch your head and go hmmmmm, we found just such a show in Hillbilly Horror Show on vimeo.
The show opens with the 2 hosts Bo and Cephus (Scott Geiter)  and the very yummy kissing cousin Lulu (Rachael Faulkner) bring you a series of indie shorts and other amusing tidbits as well.

The First Feature Franky and the ant was a unfaithful wife/girlfriend piece where the psycho franky and his sleezeball friend the ant are planning to dispose of frankies girl Karebear for being unfaithful. There is little blood or gore in this peice the real drama comes from the interaction between franky the ant and to a small degree Karebear the film ends with a surprise outcome that i did not see coming so i wont spoil it a solid indie offering. The 2nd and third pieces were an animated short called doppelganger about a wayward skeleton and his journey and Alone a canibal stalker peice set in a snowbound rural area both very commendable offerings.

The Final Piece Called The Nest was provided by Rattlesnake productions, this mutated bee short took the show bo,cephus and lulu certianly saved the best for last, The nest is the story of a local rancher finding that one of his prize horses has been stripped to bare bones right in the pasture by a as yet unseen menace complains to local farm inspector randy. Add in the local diner owner Elinor and her half wit son Diz and 2 honey theving goth bimbets and we actually got a movie here. The special effects were excellent the scenes where the 2 goth bimbettes were stripped to bare bones in the blink of an eye is worth the time to take to watch this piece alone. We dont want to spoil anymore of the movie so we will leave it here summing up an excellent piece which myself and the crew enjoyed immensely.

So well done hillbilly horror show, the only downside was more camera time was needed for lulu and her smokin hot ass! (take the hint!)  Here is our video review of the Hillbilly Horror Show on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Report from the 36th Annual Groundhog Prom w/pics

Greetings Faithful Followers,

In our last blog post We told you about the 36th annual Groundhog Prom happening on February 1st, 2014 at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha Nebraska. Myself, Inferna, Rob the Zombie (cleverly disguised as Curt Coffey) and Lady Torrid braved the single digit temps and ventured out to check out all the doings and schmooze and mingle with the crazy and unique prom-goers at the event.

Here are some pics of the lovely ladies and other promgoers including the queen of the groundhog prom. All Pics are Courtesy of Pete Gilinski

Lady Torrid and 2 lovely prom goers

Inferna and 2 hot Ladies

Lady Torrid Looking Lovely

Lady Torrid and Justin Beiber

The Joker and Harley Quinn

Congressman "Weiner" and His Wife Jo

The League of Extraordinary Fornicators

Skull F**K

Lady Torrid and Miss Ginger

Torrid and Miss Ginger

The Queen of the Groundhog Prom 2014

Inferna And Torrid

 So Faithul Followers for More great pics please check out page for the groundhog prom on our website

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Its that time of year again and a great vote of confidence.

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Well another year has come full circle its that time of year Time for the Local Omaha madness that is the 36th annual Groundhog Prom; what is the groundhog prom you may ask? The Groundhog prom is an alternative costume party held in Omaha every year usually on or about groundhogs day. Every year is a different theme, the theme this year is Come As Who you Aren't- A salute to snowden and wikileaks or come as your favorite whistle blower.  The event is sponsored by the order of the knights of the groundhog and was started as a counterblast to Omaha;s Knights of Aksarben and the kingdom of quivera. The first Groundhog prom consisted of 50 people wearing tacky formal wear, the attendance has grow considerably numbers for last years parted exceeded 2000+. We will be there in full force myself, inferna, ash, lady torrid and Deadra the Groupie Corpse. A certain other local horror host will be  with the mission of making things difficult for us no doubt however that aint gonna happen as the men and women of the Omaha Polcie Dept will be there to make sure everyone has a good time and behaves themselves.

The link to the Facebook Page for the ground hog prom is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Groundhog-Prom/224191593531

On Other News we recieved word that George A Romero the Zombfather himself Likes Our Jack Angry Blog and Our facebook page for the blog which you can find here https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Jack-Angry-Show-Blog/166827626535

Finally we want to ask all our friends and followers to visit the gofund me campaign page for Magoo;s Medical Expenses Our friends Danielle and Magoo aka Penny Dredfull XIII and Garou the werewolf of Massachusetts own Shilling Shockers program started this to help magoo who has been battling Cancer for 2 yrs now. This page helps replace lost income, medical expenses and day to day expenses please Give what you can or if you cant donate pass it on to your facebook or twitter or social media pages and firends. Lets All help Magoo Kick Cancers Ass!

Visit Magoos Medical Expenses on gofundme.com http://www.gofundme.com/5wdoy8

you can watch our promo vid for magoos campagin

More to come Faithful Followers we cant be stopped.

Brother Jack Angry