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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, August 18, 2014

Introducing our newest member and our visit to the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society.

greetings Faithful Followers,

This is your old pal Brother Jack Angry Bringing you another edition of our blog Live from the Monastery of mayhem. I do want to address a couple of serious items before we get going with the fun and frivolity we are famous for. We Want to wish our twitter fan and much admired lady Christy Mack a speedy recovery and all the best wishes and most positive vibes at the hands of an ex boy friend (we all know who it is we just dont want to give that diseased stream of rhinoceros pizzle the free pub!). Christy has almost reached her goal of 100K on her crowd fund campagin to help her medical expenses we will post a link below. Secondly we want to dedicate this edition of the blog to Robin Williams A great comic, actor,husband,  father, philanthropist and human being. Rest In  peace Sir..

Now lets have some fun.. We want to welcome our newest member of our crazy little crew the lovely and luscious Meriyha Phillips as Black Dahlia, when you see her pics your all really gonna sit up and take notice. A welcome edition to our crew of lovelies Inferna, Lady Torrid, Ash, Ghoulia and Syn not to mention the sexy and elusive Dr Sangria.

From Left to Right Lady Torrid, Harley Quinn and Black Dahlia

The Omaha Sexy Nerd Society Is Run By Local personality Jim Morrison we were fortunate enuf to run across this group on Facebook and after absorbing the philosophy of the group and finding out about the Superhero/supervillan party in honor of one of the members birthday ( the sexy little nightwing) we were on our way to the party to shoot an episode which you can see on youtube and below. 

We also met many great party goers including the green hornet , harley quinn and thor, not to mention Jim Morrison who was dressed Ozymandias from the movie Watchmen. 

harley contemplating some villainy over a drink

The Girls with the Green Hornet

Black Dahlia with Harley Quin and Thor.

If you want to find out more about the Omaha Sexy Nerd Society you can check out thier facebook page by clicking here  Also for information on the CONgregation 2015 converntion that jim is working on you can click here

So until next time people be sure to embrace your inner nerd.

Brother Jack Angry

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