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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to our fellow horror host Kentucky's own Uncle Edward

Greetings Faithful Followers,

For this installment of the Blog I want to tell you about a good friend and fellow horror host from the great state of kentucky Dale Streble aka Uncle Edward and the It Came from the Basment show
.  He was gracious enough to seek us out thru our YouTube page and becoming a fan and supporter of the show and providing us with much needed feedback and many words of encouragement. In addition to being a huge fan of our lovely co hostesses Inferna and Lady torrid not to mention our Newest member the Lovely Black Dahlia. So rather than liste to me yapp on about Uncle Edward I will let the man himself do that. Take it away Uncle Edward ...

In the small former railroad town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky about thirty miles south of Louisville, strange things have been afoot.   In 2011, Dale Streble, a horror and sci-fi movie junkie since the 70’s was working on a character to DJ a Halloween dance that his Lion’s Club did to raise funds for camps for special needs kids and Dr. Darkhours in his tuxedo and fez came to be. 

Dale soon felt called to the video medium and in 2012, Uncle Edward, a ghoul in repose at a forgotten cemetery was discovered, still sporting a fez as Dr. Darkhours.   When space babe Nadia von Nacht (played by my wife, Robin) crashed in the cemetery, It Came From the Basement was born.  But before a full episode could be filmed and presented on the local public access channel, Dale was injured in an automobile accident and filming was put off for most of 2012.  During this time scripts were painfully written.  However, when braces came off, the cable company had changed and the local friendly staff was now a huge, not as friendly, national company.  A full show was made, but getting it broadcast was a formidable task.  Dale had experienced a plethora of horror hosts online, not the least of which was Omaha’s Shock-O-Rama with the great Angry Brothers and their bevy of beauties!  But this was some time to be.

In the Basement there was despair as posting a show on the internet just didn’t seem right.  Then, in late 2013 Dale discovered a Kentucky independent filmmaker, Jerry Williams, who had been doing a You Tube show based on the 1950’s program Captain Video, with his called Astro Space Hero, and after shooting some scenes for Jerry, Dale was emboldened to bring forth his own little show called Adventures of Galactic Command, which appeared on You Tube in early 2014.  Due to the simple beauty of this, Dale brought back Uncle Edward and his favorite space babe, Nadia von Nacht to give another go at It Came From the Basement.  Uncle Edward’s love for the classics persisted with his Trailer-Rama shows.  And finally the full episode of ICFB featuring Night of the Bloodbeast, although recorded much earlier, was posted. 

Most recently, a new version called The It Came From the Basement Show was made and posted which features characters from the Basement, a moldy oldie cartoon and some groovy movie trailers.  

This started out with all intentions to be a horror host show, but the influences of SCTV and Benny Hill have led us into more sketch-type faire.  We really just want more input from everyone out there who has seen our shows to let us know what they think!

Well Said Dale.. err Uncle Edward you and you lovely co-hort Nadia Von Nacht had done a fine job..We cant wait to see what happens next. so keep up the great work.

Brother Jack Angry 

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