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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Podcast with Claudia christian 2 years later The Fight Continues!

Greetings Faithful Followers,

Your Old Pal Brother Jack is just over the moon about the Happenings here at the Monastery of Mayhem over the Last 7 Days, Lets get started on all the great dish. First off  We want to welcome the C Three Foundation and Claudia Christian to the Angry Brothers Shock O Rama family. They have graciously allowed us to feature The Documentary about the Sinclair Method Called  One Little Pill, which Claudia narrates  to be featured on our Public Access Tv Program on KPAO Cox channel 22 in Omaha Nebraska in addition to allowing us to run the full and unabridged documentary on our affiliate channels Ultra Toxic Tv, The Static Wasteland & BizzareTv channels on the Roku streaming box. This full length will be uploaded to pegmedia.org for distribution to the public access tv program directors that frequent that site  Also our good friend author Ash Nom DePlume has given a protion of the rights to his book Hospice Confessions to Claudias C Three Foundation to raise awareness to The Sinclair Method of AUD (Alchol Use Disorder).

If you would like to hear the podcast that started it all you can visit our archived site on soundcloud and listen or down load it from here

Or If you want to hear the most current roundtable  podcast with Claudia Christian  you can listen or down load by going here to our blogtalkradio.com site

If you Want to read the works of the author Ash Nom DePlume you can visit his Smash Words site and down load his Shades of Gray Books Featuring yours truly and Brother James Inferna, Ash, Lady Torrid and the rest of the gang by going here

This is a very close cause to myself and Brother James because like many of the 3 million plus people that die in the US alone From AUD and complications that arise from this disease, we lost a family member to alcohol. Had this Treatment been available at that time thier outcome might have been different. We do try to deal with most subjects in a humorous and light manner but please believe me faithful followers this issue is as serious as a heart attack.

So in closing Faithful Followers Let me leave you not with our normal closing but let me leave you with the motto for Claudias C three Foundation...



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