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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

end of winter recap

Greetings FaithFul Followers

With The fast approach of spring and the warmer weather I along with Brother James, Inferna and the rest of the gang here at the Monastery of Mayhem wanted to bring all of you up to date with what we were doing over the winter.

It has been a busy winter with filming 50+ episodes and counting , A new sponsor in the works. We have been  sought out by an online TV network to produce a Movie Review program for them. Along with a lot of really great guests on our Blogtalk Radio program which you can view here

some of our guests included

                                                  Horror Host Ormsby of cinema insane
                                                               Dr Mel Praxis

                                                             Remo D

                                                                Dorian Destruction

 Other guests included Claudia Christian star of Babylon 5, Seka the platnium princess, Sweetly and Blood from the sexysin.net podcast and many others.

And Finally we did make an appearance at The groundhog prom here in omaha, If you want to know more ]
you can check it out here.

If you want to watch us on Vimeo , Blip Tv  or YouTube click these links 

So until next time.
Keep America on Top
Watch Horror Hosts

Brother Jack Angry.

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