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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Monday, October 28, 2013

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The Monastery of Mayhem brings you the Angry Bros Shock-O-Rama 


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Chucky: “This is nuts! And I have a VERY high tolerance for nuts.” --Seed of Chucky
Everyone knows that Omaha, Nebraska is the location of the only portal to hell in the Midwest. That portal is located at 7003 Q Street, inside of Raven’s Nightmare Phobia; where many have faced their greatest fears, and made their screams come true.
Speaking of NUTS, Omaha is also the location of one of the newest and highest rated underground horror hosting shows as well. Yes, from deep within the bowels of Omaha, Nebraska there emerges the Angry Bros Shock-O-Rama!
Your old pal Brother Jack Angry, Brother James (who is no longer dead by the way, just not all there yet), and the smoking hot cougar from hell, Inferna, invite you to visit their Monastery of Mayhem. The Angry Bros Shock-O-Rama airs Saturday mornings at 1:00 am on Cox Public Access Channel #22. Tune in and be prepared for the off the wall wit and humor that has created a long list of faithful followers. Plus, movies that are so good, only because they are so, so bad.
The Monastery is also home to a few other creepy cats; the sexy Devil Sisters, Ash and Sin; the voluptuous and dangerous Lady Torrid; Rob the Zombie occasionally spends the night when he can’t find his way back to his open grave; and Demonica, dweller of the night. Though we never see Demonica, her presence is felt.
Besides being able to check out the Angry Bros on the local public access channel, they have another channel on you tube as well. The long dead Brother Jack Angry, his recently undead brother, James, and the smoking hot Inferna also are available for guests appearances and make many during the month of October for the local Halloween festivities.
Though many chances to see the fun loving, ghoulish clan have passed, there are still opportunities this month to catch the Angry Bros for some horrid humor and freaky fun.
October 25th: Come and party with the Angry Bros clan and local band favorite 3-D In Your Face. Location is the 21st Saloon at 4727 South 96th Street.
October 26th: The Angry Bros will be appearing for the ‘Gothic Masquerade’ at the Side Door Lounge, located at 3530 Leavenworth.
Start the month of November out on a good time note, and visit the Angry Bros at the Holiday Inn Central, located at 72nd and Grover, for the Animekon Nebraska Festival.
Please, visit the links below for more information on the Angry Bros Shock-O-Rama and their newest addition to the site….the swag shop! Pick up your Angry Bros Big Drunken Stein, girls get your sexy Angry Bros Racer Back Tank Top, or choose from a plethora of freakishly fun items offered by your favorite horror hosting honeys.
The Angry Brother’s Shock-O-Rama bids you goodnight, and unpleasant dreams.
We want to thank Laurie Lorsch for her great article you can reach her on FaceBook 

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