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A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

A Proud Represenetive for Nebraska

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Digs and a new look for the Monastary of Mayhem

Greetings Faithful followers,

     This is your old pal brothers Jack Angry here, bringing you another edition of The Blog a lot of great new things are happening here and we wanted to bring you up to date. First off I want to apologize for being silent so long, the monastery of mayhem has moved as crumbling monasteries deep in the bowels of Omaha Nebraska are wont to do we have found a new and better location so you can expect a new look to the show and some other new surprises as well.  First off I want to thank Laurie Lorsch and Examiner.com for the great article she wrote on myself and james and inferna and the rest of the crew at the monastary of mayhem It was very much appreciated.
    Second I want to let everyone know about our horror host extravaganza on Live from the Monastary of Mayhem on blogtalk radio. Our guests will include Uncle Fright Horror host extrodinare from Fall River MA

and Kenosha WI.s favorite son Dr Dorian Destruction we expect more guest keep your eyes open for further updates on the Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama facebook page 


other guests will include 

Master Vyle from the House of Master Vyle

In addition Inferna, Lady Torrid and Myself paid a visit to the Anime Nebraskon 2013 where we conducted several interviews with the organizers of the kon, and many of the attendees and cosplayers we were extended every courtesy by the staff and management of the kon so we wanted to tip our hats to them and acknowledge their great efforts.
and finally I want to thank you our fans and supporters for all of your emails cards and letters your suggestions for the show have been noted and we are processing all of your great input. So Give yourselves a big hand for all that you do to make The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama the best it can be.

here is a link to the youtube episode featuring The Anime nebraskon enjoy....

OOOPS ..Almost forgot we want to throw a big shout out to Robert Poole and all our friends at indyhorror.tv they just completed their first year on the air The Angry Brothers Omaha Shock O Rama program is their Saturday Night Anchor Robert threw a huge bash for the station way to go Robert and Indyhorror.tv you can check em out  by clicking HERE

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